How the brain’s memory improves

How the brain’s memory improves

The wonderful little cosmic brain is the most sophisticated and developed organ of the human body, Diane.

In Ackerman’s book “Smell Memory and Eros”, he described the brain as being above the body, a complete universe, where trillions of senses, thoughts, and desires are constantly growing.

This small universe is made up of many nerve cells. Neurons are also called “neurons”. There are many interactions around neurons, which are responsible for message transmission and receiving external stimuli.Communication, messaging.

Doctor, have I used my brain too much?

Representative of Xiuzhi Liu, General Director of Neurology, Taipei Rong General, China. “People use the brain too often” is a misconception. “The brain will never be used too much, I’m afraid you don’t use it enough.”

“Because of the pressure of work and the annoyance in your heart, if you make your heart irritable, you will feel as if your memory is getting worse. If you suddenly forget about an appointment, you will almost collapse.

“It’s as if you can’t hear anything when you’re angry. It’s emotions and stress that affects attention.

“Liu Xiuzhi explained that bad emotions cause a barrier to be built around the brain, hindering the normal functioning of the brain. It is best to take a break and release stress so that the brain can move again.

Is it time to build your brain?

Huang Lihong, chairman of the Chinese Academy of Brainpower Research and Research, said that adult brain cells will not increase, but the use of adult brainpower will have “lateralization” problems, such as right-handedness, image-thinking and so on., Has the effect of “improving brain power”.

Huang Lihong takes a person who graduated from middle school as an example. In order to live and become a mechanic who learns about cars, repairing cars focuses on logic and space concepts. The brain needs to write down where to put things, how to put them, how to put pistons, etc.When you write down these things, you don’t have to rely on your education.

After constantly giving information stimulation, the brain’s development in this field becomes better and more active, and it can become a “master” in this field, “So.

There is no time to exercise at any age. ”

Huang Lihong stands out.

As long as there is no limit to the use of brain power, as long as it is not an abnormal gene, everyone’s brain structure is similar, and the number of neurons is similar.

In other words, through training and stimulation, the brain’s synapses will increase, and the network will become denser and denser. One of the authors of “Food Consuming the Brain”, Murray.

Waldman can also have such a concept. From the research of nuns in 1990, it seems that the idea that the brain is “smart muscle” is left, that is, the more powerful the brain is, the more the brain uses it.

Whole-brain thinking keeps the creative source endless. Many people are used to image or left-brain thinking, which can make people rigid in the long run.

The brain development course in the workshop will train you to think about a theme from multiple aspects such as vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and ethics, and you can do all-around thinking.

Cai Weizhen, chairman of the Chinese Whole Brain Development and Memory Association and head of the Bermeth Whole Brain Education Institution, likened: “Many people’s right brain is full of bumps, stones, and this road is inaccessible. You can use training to stimulate the right brainThe rotation is activated, and you will have more ideas than others.

“Ordinary people can also change the habits of their lives, such as changing their left-handed briefcase, taking another road home, or doing some finger exercises that train left and right brain balance, and give the brain different

There is a special group of people on Wudang!

Unless the world is in chaos, they will not see them.

There is a special group of people on Wudang!
Unless the world is in chaos, they will not see them.

In China, there is a religion called Taoism. Taoism was born more than 2,000 years ago. It was established as a ancestor in Laos. It was already in the pre-Qin period. These people are proficient in many metaphysics and health and the ability to hang the pot. In general, it will notEasy to go down the mountain.

In this troubled world, these people will take the world as their own responsibility, and down the mountain to relief, in the Three Kingdoms period, there is a very famous person called Zhuge Liang, and he is a Taoist disciple, originally wanted to help the Han room, but ultimately defeated.
In the Tang Dynasty, there was a huge disaster that was the chaos of Anshi. The world only knew that Guo Ziyi had settled the rebellion, but he did not know that it was Li Obesity. This person was the main hero of Ping An’s chaos. He experienced four dynasties in his life, and heThe identity is a Taoist.

When he arrived in the Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen was also a Taoist origin. Therefore, these people appeared in troubled times, and disappeared after the prosperous times. They were rarely seen by the world, and the Buddha’s prosperous world was in the opposite direction.They are the mountains of the prosperous times and the mountains in the chaos.

There are such a group of people in Wudang Mountain in China. These people don’t know what they are doing, but many people go to the mountains to see a doctor. These priests don’t collect money. Sometimes they will go down the mountain to help the people to treat the disease free of charge. As for other skills, they are not aware.It is.

Five common skin care problems for winter skin care!


Five common skin care problems for winter skin care!

The winter is cold, and the delicate skin is dry and cracked by the cold wind.

So what are the common skin care problems for winter skin care?

The editor of Ping An Health Network introduces common skin care phenomena and solutions!


Skin Care-Essence of pearls to drive away dry wrinkles: How did dry eyes appear in the afternoon before? Now I have a mirror before eating at noon, so obvious!

what should I do?

  Solution: In short, make up.

Everyone knows this reason, but if you just stay in the morning and apply eye cream before going to work, then you must be the dry-skinned girl this season.

Try to use moisturizing eye cream with functional eye cream to reduce dark circles and wrinkles. Use massage to fully absorb it to give a warm environment to the eye skin.

Of course, if you are concerned about the use of eye cream, it will be better to use moisturizing spray instead of moisturizing eye cream.

Moreover, the eye essence with massage beads launched by some brands is a must-have for you this season. The cold beads can no longer play a large role in puffiness of your eyes, or youThe hero who replenishes eye nutrition and water during the noon break, not only hydrates, but also refreshes!


Skin Care-Vitamin C drinks and moisturizing eye cream to solve the problem of mouth lip: I obviously apply lip balm every day, but these days it is always windy, and my lips are swollen, so can I apply lip balm every hour?

  Solution: Apply lip balm once an hour and you think it is moisturizing enough, but have you noticed that the more you apply it, the faster and faster it works.

In fact, skin care professionals tell us that too much lip balm products are used every day instead of lip balm.

The edge of the mouth becomes swollen and skin is always due to lack of water, and it is also related to the residual dimension C of your constitution.

A beauty expert nearby has recently discovered a secret recipe. Put a water-soluble vitamin C drink or fresh lemon soda on the mouth, make sure that the lips stay in the drink for a few seconds, then apply a circle of moisturizing eye cream around the lips, and then apply two moreLip hydrating products with good moisturizing effect ensure that you don’t have to worry about lip problems for a long time.


Skin care-Hand mask material problem: I started to use hand cream and applied it every time I washed my hands. But recently, there seemed to be a lot of burrs on my nails.It seems that I’m sad. Does the hand cream not work, do I have to use a hand mask?

  Solution: The burr on hand is still related to dryness and lack of vitamin C.

Hand cream is of course the main force and the usual fresh force.

You can help make hand masks not far from solving this problem.

We do n’t have to go to a beauty salon or buy a hand mask to make a distance. There are a lot of things around you that can be hand-made. It ‘s a good hand to make a hand mask.”Using olive oil for 5 minutes is a good and effective way to solve the thorns on the edge of the finger. Stick to it once a day, and it will definitely improve after 3 days.


Skincare-The overlapping layering problem before the foundation: I saw in the beauty magazine that I should use a moisturizing foundation in autumn and winter, and bought a bottle on purpose. It felt quite moisturized a while ago. Why does the hydration in my body disappear these days?

Occasionally there will be skin on both sides of the nose!

  Solution: This can only show that you are truly a big dry skin, handover in autumn and winter, a sudden decrease in breathing, less moisture in the air, and your skin is the same.

At this time, the skin care steps before foundation can no longer be omitted, in short, essences, lotions and creams are all indispensable.

Colleagues around you also have large dry skins like you. In autumn, she only needs essence and lotion. It is enough to add cream and come in lotion in this season.

There is also a way to add a gel-like moisturizing product to the foundation product and mix it in a ratio of 1: 3, which can also enhance the hydration feeling of the foundation.


Skincare-Change your shampoo habits to eliminate static electricity: Hair statics are present every year, this year seems to be particularly early.

I do n’t know if our hair is getting weaker or the wind in Beijing is getting tougher. I feel that this year ‘s static electricity came very early. Are there other tricks besides spraying nourishing water for hair?

  Solution: Spraying nutritional water should be the reset phase anytime and anywhere.

Just like our skin, static electricity is caused by dry hair and dry environment.

If you want to solve this problem, you have to pay special attention when washing your hair. You must apply shampoo on the palm of your hand or use a bath ball to foam and apply it to your hair.This can ensure that the hair scales are regularly divided, and it is not easy for the hair to become dry after the hair is dry, and it is not easy to be static.

Moreover, those water-locking moisturizing sprays can also solve the problem of dry static electricity for your hair. Put a bottle in your bag and car!

Patting the body through the meridians can help treat the disease!

Patting the body through the meridians can help treat the disease!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that physical diseases are caused by the failure of the meridian. As long as the meridian is opened, it can help treat various diseases. The effect of patting and healing on different parts is also very different.

Patients need to discover the key points of slapping based on their condition.

  Chinese medicine suggestion: tapping the body can pass through the meridians and can help treat diseases!

  1. Facial and head diseases are patted on the two heads, the top of the head, the forehead and the back of the head, and can help treat tinnitus and deafness, eye diseases, headache, dizziness, transient facial paralysis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and the sequelae of stroke, Insomnia, dreams and depression.

  2, limbs, joints and cervical pain Chinese medicine believes that where the pain is, take a shot, cervical pain should be gently patted on the cervical spine.

In addition, arthritis, gout, and rheumatoids can be continuously slammed on the affected area.

Don’t worry too much when you slap hard, because these parts are far from the viscera. As long as you can bear the pain when you slap, you can alleviate the condition.

  3. Surgical diseases Patting on the axillary part, clavicle part, all big and small legs, arm and wrist joint parts, can help treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, sequelae caused by stroke hemiplegia, lung diseases, diseases, breast diseases and thyroid diseases.

If the lump in the breast is not a malignant tumor, you can pat the affected area directly.

  4. Gynecological diseases easily accumulate toxins in the roots of the thighs, and are also the site of nerve, lymph, meridian and blood vessel aggregation.

The thigh roots, thigh fractures, tibia and lower abdomen are usually beaten, which can help treat gynecological diseases and uterine fibroids, dysmenorrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation and urinary system diseases.

  5. Chronic diseases For chronic patients such as diabetes, obese body, gastrointestinal diseases, constipation and hemorrhoids, you can use the fists to pat on the inside and outside of the upper and lower legs, the obese area, the root of the thigh, the lower abdomen, etc.The root of the thigh can be cut with the shape of a knife by hand, which has a strong penetrating power, thus achieving the health effect.

  6, acute stomach pain and bloating in acute diseases, you can tap Zusanli points, acute syncope and heart disease can tap the arm parts of the inner gate, when the fever can be tapped on the large vertebra and the top of the head.

  Tips: Because the patients are different in age and condition, the time and frequency of tapping are also different.

The longer the time of each local tap, the better. If conditions permit, tap the part anytime, anywhere.

For healthy people, tap the whole body in sequence from head to toe, and tap each part for 5 minutes.

For people with lesions, focus on the lesions for 30 minutes.

Why Tomboy Is Popular

Why “Tomboy” Is Popular

In the “Super Girl” finals that ended a few days ago, two “tomboys” Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang voted for the first and second runner-up with more than 3 million text messages, and the girly Zhang Liangying won the third place with an absolute disadvantage.
Has the times changed?
Why are tomboys so popular?
  ”The times are indeed changing. As the division of labor becomes less and less obvious, there will be less and less gender differences.

Yuan Rong, a counselor at Guangzhou Qingtian Psychological Counseling Center, told reporters recently, “But the times have not changed, because people of both sexes have always been easy to welcome, and their psychology will be relatively healthy.
”   “假小子”更健康   一位50多岁的女音乐人是一名“玉米(李宇春Fans的昵称)”,她写了长达四五千字的文章,从专业角度上称赞了李宇春的唱功,The article mentioned at the end that Li Yuchun was the image of her dream. She wanted to be such a girl when she was a child, but did not dare to do it, and finally became a good girl.
Such articles are not rare.
  Why do many women want to do but dare not be tomboys, reluctant but still be good girls?
  Yuan Rong, a consultant at the Guangzhou Qingtiantian Psychological Counseling Center, said that this is because not only the public insists on traditional female stereotypes, but their parents must also insist on such stereotypes. The combination of the two pressures makes them afraid to go freely.Shape one’s third sexuality.
  He said that the first and second sexual characteristics are mainly determined by physiological basis, but the third sexual characteristics are mainly formed through identification and imitation of parents.
Boys are easy to identify with fathers, and girls are easy to identify with mothers.
If the father is a brave, decisive, rude, open-minded man, and a good dad who loves children, the boy will regard his father as an idol for learning and transcendence.
If the mother is a gentle, kind, reasonable, and considerate woman, and a good mother who loves children, she will naturally become an idol for her daughter to learn and imitate.
  Boys identify with fathers and girls identify with mothers. This is the basis for the formation of third sexual characteristics.
However, Yuan Rong said that the healthiest situation is that children not only identify with same-sex parents, but also recognize some excellent third sex characteristics of heterosexual parents.
If the parents’ third sexual characteristics are healthy, then the child is likely to develop a healthy androgynous temperament.
  Yuan Rongqin said that people of both sexes are relatively healthier because most people of both sexes have a happy and harmonious family.
The relationship between parents is harmonious, and the relationship between parents and children is also harmonious.
  Androgynous people are more likely to be popular because they have a strong appeal to both sexes, which is an important reason why Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang are so popular.
  ”Very female” is a stereotype. There are three levels of gender differences.
First of all, the differences in reproductive organs are called “first sexual characteristics”. Once the baby is born, we can know the baby’s gender through the first sexual characteristics.
Secondly, breasts, throat knots, body hair, etc. are called “second sexual characteristics”. In the infants and young children, there is no difference between the two sexes in these aspects, but after entering adolescence, these physical characteristics gradually develop and become a gender-specific “Second sexual characteristics. ”
As for personality traits such as personality and temperament, they are called “third sexual characteristics.”
  For the third sexual characteristics of both sexes, there are some habitual understandings: men are straightforward, ambitious, bold, fighting spirit, strong and active in love, women are poor, cowardly, timid, sentimental, polite, rightThe demand for love is passive, and the demand for love is strong.
  However, in psychology, this habitual recognition is called “gender stereotypes”.
Humans are born with the simplification of thinking, so they have formed some simple understandings of some things. This is the stereotype, which facilitates the thinking, but also hinders the creativity and flexibility of the thinking.
  When it comes to gender, the common stereotype is that men and women have opposite sex qualities: male masculine, female feminine; male rough, female delicate; male strong, female gentle; male direct, female gentle; male bold, female shy; Males are ambitious, women are polite . …… But gender stereotypes are constantly changing with the times. In the past, the most typical female stereotype was “women have no talent is virtue.”
But now, this stereotype is hard to hold.
In the past, the stereotype of males was “dominant male,” but now there are more and more “domestic males.”
  In the top three of “Super Girl”, Zhang Liangying, the third runner-up, basically met the stereotype of women. Champion Li Yuchun and runner-up Zhou Bichang both overturned this stereotype.
In addition, the two “tomboys” were so popular that their popularity among teenagers far outweighed Zhang Liangying.
Yuan Rongqin said that it can be expected that they will have a strong impact on girls of this generation and will change the stereotype of women to a considerable extent.
  ”Bisexuals” are more popular In fact, in life, we will find some examples of bisexual temperaments that are more popular.
Wang Ning, 48, is a classic example.
He is a Sichuanese. He is not tall. On the surface, the man is full of flavours and strong voice. He never messes with things and is very bold.
But at the same time, he has a very feminine side. He is very delicate and meticulous to family and friends. He is a “psychologist” in the circle of friends and family, and they like to consult him for business and personal matters.
  In contrast, 26-year-old Li Zheng is slender, with long hair and a feminine appearance.
But among a group of charming female partners, she is also a man. She always speaks neatly and daring to do things. In addition, she sympathizes with the weak and usually takes care of the weak sisters. She is happy to be the wronged woman from her boyfriendAccompanied by the support, thus winning the admiration and trust of the sisters.   At the same time, in the eyes of male friends, this flat-breasted girl who likes to wear suspenders is generous, with a bold personality in her personality. She can drink beer and play football, chat about state affairs and military affairs, and do not behave too much like other girls.Tweaking, she wo n’t cry for trivial matters. More importantly, when a boy is facing her, she will also show the coquettishness and fragility of a little girl. When others are sad and need comfort, she will not lose the gentleness and tenderness of a girlTherefore, Li Zheng is also very skillful in the circle of male friends. Not only is he dubbed by some people as “brothers in suspenders”, but he also has a team of admirers of his own, so that many men do not know how to handle themselves at first sight.The envious female friends are very envious.

  Both men and women should learn from each other’s strengths and have excellent characteristics of masculinity and femininity.

Women can be enthusiastic, hot-tempered, smart and strong, and men can be tough and soft, rich in feelings, and pragmatic.

  If it is said that men are one world and women are another world, then people with an bisexual temperament will certainly be more likely to travel freely between the two worlds and win the favor of both worlds at the same time.

This is the basis for the growing popularity of “bisexuals”, and “Super Girl” is just one example.

  Will the gender differences disappear?

  The first to suggest “bisexual temperament” was American psychologist Bem.

Bem believes that traditional culture regards masculinity and femininity as a dimension. People with high masculinity must have low femininity, people with high femininity must have low masculinity, and neutral people are considered non-maleFemale person.

  Bem opposes such stereotypes, and she believes that this habitual perception contrasts masculinity with femininity.

Therefore, she proposed a new thinking: masculinity and femininity are two independent dimensions.

In this way, you can distinguish one person: typical men: sharp increase in masculinity, femininity is prominently low; typical women: sharp rise in femininity, prominently lower masculinity;The concentration of masculinity is high, and the bloom of femininity is also high; undifferentiated people: the bloom of masculinity is low, and the bloom of femininity is also low.

  Bem’s research caused a sensation and quickly gained general acceptance in the psychology community.

Other psychologists have also proposed an understanding of “bisexual temperament” from the perspective of social evolution: people are passive recipients of gender stereotypes, but they are more active shapers.

People continue to break through the traditional gender stereotypes, mainly because this breakthrough will make them more adaptable to new social challenges.

In the past, men and women faced different social challenges, and they also formed a distinct third sex difference. But now, the sexes are becoming less and less obvious in the social division of labor, and the gender difference in the third sex will also be more and moreLess.
Gender differences may even disappear when the issues facing both sexes are the same.

  Psychological self-test: Are you “bisexual”? The following items are the Bem Gender Scale. If you find that you are in full compliance, you will score 7 points. If you do not agree, you will score 1 point.Exactly match, according to the degree of compliance, where appropriate, at 1?
Points are given between 7.


Self-reliance 2.

Tenderness 3.

Helping others 4.

Have an ideal 5.

Optimism 6.

Unstable mood 7.

Independence 8.

Shyness 9.

Ethical 10.

Love movement 11.

Relations 12.

Love exaggerates 13.

Firm 14.

Love flattery 15.

Feeling happy 16.

Strong personality 17.

Loyal 18.

Unpredictable 19.

There is power 20.

Female heart 21.

Favorable strong 22.
Have analytical ability23.
Strong compassion 24.

Outstanding jealousy 25.

Leadership 26.

Sensitive 27.

Honesty 28.

Love adventure 29.

Reasonable 30.

Not frank 31.

Decisive 32.

Good at showing compassion to others 33.

Sincere 34.

Self-sufficient 35.

Easy to quell being hurt 36.

Conceited 37.

Love dominates people 38.

Euphemism 39.

Cute 40.

Manly 41.

Gives a warm 42.

Solemn 43.

Willing to confess 44.

Gentle 45.

Friendly 46.

Love to attack others 47.

Credible 48.

Incompetent 49.

Behave like a leader 50.

Childish 51.

Comply with the environment 52.

Personal supremacy 53.

Don’t say swear 54.

Messy 55.

Highly competitive 56.

Love children 57.

Talented 58.

Have ambition 59.

Love to play 60.

Conservative scoring: 1, (1) Calculated from 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34, 37, 40, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58Add the scores and divide by 20. That’s your masculinity.

  (2) Add 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44, 47, 50, 53, 56, 59 to get the points and divideTake 20 and that’s where your femininity blooms.
  (3) If your male and female scores are both 4.
9 or more, then you are “bisexual.”

Chinese wolfberry egg custard


Chinese wolfberry egg custard

The function of the eye depending on everything is dependent on the vital energy of the internal organs, especially the vital energy of the liver and kidney.

Only when the liver and kidney functions are normal can the eyes get sufficient nutrition and perform normal functions.

Middle-aged and elderly people’s qi and blood are gradually declining, liver and kidney qi are deteriorating, and their eyesight cannot be glorified, and they will have blurred vision and unpredictable symptoms, which is often referred to as presbyopia.

In fact, if you can pay attention to eye health, proper diet and maintenance, vision loss can be prevented or delayed.

After that, a chicory egg custard is recommended.

  The method of wolfberry egg scooping is very simple: 20 grams of wolfberry, steamed with two eggs and then take it.

Chinese medicine believes that Chinese wolfberry has sweetness and peace of mind, liver and kidney meridians, nourishing liver and kidney, improving eyesight, and nourishing blood.

Chinese medicine has a long history of “medlar health”, thinking that eating wolfberry can “strengthen bones, light and not old, and endure cold and heat.”

Modern pharmacological and clinical studies have proven that wolfberry has the effect of protecting and nourishing retinal tissue, restoring increased vitamin C content in retinal tissue, thereby enhancing vision.

In addition, wolfberry also has the effects of improving the body’s immunity, anti-aging, liver protection, lowering blood sugar, softening blood vessels, reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, and has certain effects on liver and diabetes in mice.

Therefore, it is often regarded as a nourishing and anti-aging medicine.

Eggs are sweet, flat, spleen, stomach meridian, can nourish blood, nourish yin, moisturize, and are used for various symptoms caused by lack of qi and blood.

Chinese wolfberry and eggs are cooked together, and they can work synergistically to prevent and treat presbyopia in middle-aged and elderly people. It is also effective for dizziness and tears caused by liver and kidney deficiency.

  There are many other medicinal dietary methods to prevent presbyopia, such as mulberry sugar, chicken liver tincture, cassia wolfberry tea, etc., all have certain effects.

If the symptoms are severe and the effect of the diet is not satisfactory, you can also take some traditional Chinese medicines that nourish the liver and kidney, and benefit the eyesight, such as Mingmu Dihuang Wan, Dendrobium Yeguang Wan, etc.

The most popular yoga weight loss moves in spring

The most popular yoga weight loss moves in spring

Winter temperatures are very low, and many MMs are reluctant to go out.

But the beautiful coat couldn’t cover the annoying excess meat on the body.

Don’t panic, in the early spring season, come and sit indoor for bodybuilding exercise-yoga!

For the beauty of spring, and of course, health, we ca n’t “cat” anymore. From now on, let yoga lose weight with you in a bodybuilding battle . 1. Leg weight loss method. Legs separated by 30 cm.With your toes forward and your arms outstretched, parallel to the ground.

Inhale, lift, and forward with your toes; exhale, squat, and slowly place your hips on your heels, keeping them straight forward and your toes on the ground.

Breathe normally, move for 5 seconds, inhale, and stand up.

Exhale, relax and repeat again.

  Role: Fantastically change the shape of the thigh leg and enhance leg strength.

  2, waist and back weight loss methods: body upright, legs open, focus on the anus.

Hold your hands high above your head. The distance between your palms is about the width of your head.

Slowly turn the waist forward, the upper body and arms also follow, trying to straighten the back.

Rotate slowly, and slowly put your hands down when facing forward.

Take a break and do the same to the other side.

  3, waist and abdomen weight-loss method: stand upright, legs apart about 1 meter, toes forward.

Take a deep breath, slowly raise your left hand over your head, exhale, and slowly lean your body to the right. Place your right hand on the side of your right leg and breathe normally.

Breathe deeply, slowly reset your body, exhale, lower your arms, and relax.

Swap the right arm and do the same.

Featured practices greatly increase the nutrition of rice

Featured practices greatly increase the nutrition of rice

As one of the most important staple foods for Chinese people, rice has a close relationship with our lives.

But when it comes to rice, how many more can you think of?

Do you still feel a little tired of simmering rice every day?

Here, we introduce to you some of the most popular ways to eat “rice”, which may give you some “creation” inspiration.

  The special practice has greatly increased the nutrition of rice. Director Hong of a nutrition department of a Beijing hospital said that the key to the health of special rice is how much oil is used.

If you use less oil, you can avoid the “rich disease” such as high blood lipids caused by excessive transitions. Therefore, it is bound to be frying. It is very important to master the amount of oil used.

In addition, Director Hong suggested that at the peak of the cold, eating pineapple rice made of glutinous rice is a good choice. Glutinous rice is a warm food and has a very good preventive effect against colds and colds.

  In fact, there are various ways of making rice. They are either salty and delicious, or sweet and tempting, all with their own characteristics.

However, Wu Meiyun, a member of the Nutrition and Gastronomy Committee of the Chinese Culinary Association, believes that no matter what they do, they have similarities: Most of the characteristic rice is added with animal and plant-based ingredients, so it is more nutritious and nutritious than ordinary steamed rice.Increased.

In addition, its bright color and changing taste can also increase appetite and greatly enrich the food culture.

  The first kind-paella, the colorful paella is actually an “exotic product” that originated in Spain and is the national dish of Spain.

The authentic paella is spiced with saffron, and the rice grains are golden yellow. It is also served with prawns, oysters, squid and other ingredients. Its bright color just makes the appetite greatly increase.

  Most domestic paellas have been improved.

According to Beijing’s Ashanti Restaurant, in order to adapt to the tastes of the Chinese, they put the traditional Spanish risotto on a fully cooked dish, but the basic flavor of the fresh fragrant remains unchanged.

  The ingredients used for paella are very rich, in addition to the shrimp, oysters, squid mentioned above, as well as green peppers, red peppers, and other shellfish.

In addition, olive oil and saffron are absolutely indispensable.

When preparing, first fry fish, shellfish, and vegetables with olive oil, then add saffron, salt and other precipitates, seasoning, and cook with rice.

  The second type-bibimbap, the most comprehensive nutrition, as long as people who have watched Korean dramas, they will not be unfamiliar with the scene of holding a large bowl of bibimbap.

However, when it comes to Korean bibimbap, the most “classic” is stone pot rice.

  It is understood that there are many ingredients for bibimbap, from simmered to vegetarian, from cold to hot, including eggs, cold tender bean sprouts and greens, fried bracken, carrot shreds, and fried minced meat.Wait.
In making, the most important thing is to fry one side of the egg and keep the yolk intact on the other side. Before steaming the rice, you should apply a layer of sesame oil to the bottom and edge of the stone pot to ensure that the rice is not sticky.At the same time add oily flavor.

Due to the rapid rise of the stone pot, rice, seasonal vegetables, eggs and minced meat will “sizzle” shortly after being heated.

At this point, stir with chopsticks, the aroma will overflow, making your index finger move.

  The third kind-pineapple rice, using the best fruits of purple glutinous rice in the dishes is no new idea, but if it is the “best combination” of rice and fruits, it is the pineapple rice.

  According to the manager of a restaurant in Yunnan, as a unique and delicious dish of the Dai people in the Yunnan frontier, pineapple rice is very different from ordinary rice. Its unique subtropical fruit pineapple is fresh, fragrant, sour, sweet, and glutinous rice.Mouthfeel, and possibly multivitamins, have extremely high nutritional value.

  As the name suggests, pineapple rice is made from pineapple and glutinous rice.

Among them, pineapple should be neither too ripe nor too raw, with the appearance of 2/3 yellow and 1/3 green being the best; glutinous rice is better than purple glutinous rice.

  When making, first steam the glutinous rice into glutinous rice for later use, then cut the pineapple along the nails to make a cover, and dig out the pineapple meat for use, leaving about 0.

5 cm thick shell, steamed for about 15 minutes.

Then chop the minced pineapple meat (the more broken the better), stir with steamed glutinous rice, sprinkle with sugar, mix well and put in the pineapple, cover, and steam for about 15 minutes.

  The first type, Yangzhou Fried Rice, uses less oil and salt to lift fried rice. Yangzhou Fried Rice is famous, from street shops to five-star restaurants.

But what about authentic Yangzhou fried rice?

  Master Xue Quansheng, the top ten cooking master of China and the head of Huaiyang cuisine, told the Life Times reporter that there are many types of fried rice, whether it is domestic, or Japan, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, each has its own characteristics. Among them, Yangzhou fried rice is based onIts clear color appearance, “soft, waxy, loose, cool” taste, has won the most widespread recognition.

  The exact name of Yangzhou fried rice should be “assorted egg fried rice”.

According to the standards established in 2002, its main ingredients include rice, river prawns, firewood eggs; ingredients include chicken leg meat, fresh bamboo shoots, sea cucumber diced, diced mushrooms, diced mushrooms, jinhua ham, and dried scallops.,Haricot vert.

In terms of practice, Yangzhou fried rice should pay attention to “reducing oil and salt”.

For example, 500 grams of rice with 4 eggs, plus a few ingredients for a total of about 1,000 grams, only 60 grams of oil, the amount of salt should be slightly lighter than usual.

  Master Xue believes that eating Yangzhou fried rice is best accompanied by a bowl of green tofu soup, rice, vegetarian dishes, and some amaranth.

Neck and shoulder pain can try the back of the head top wall exercise

Neck and shoulder pain can try the back of the head top wall exercise

Mr. Zhang, a reader from Fengtai District: Recently, I always feel severe neck and shoulder pain. Do experts have any good exercise methods besides taking medicine?

  Professor Xu Jianguo, chairman of the Professional Committee of Pain Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association: If you feel pain in the neck, shoulders, waist, back, etc., you must first avoid repeated desks, and it is best to take a break every hour.

Suggest that you can try to do cervical exercises, the method is: exercise the back of the head against the wall, hold it for several minutes each time, then release, and then repeat.

Or do shoulder-shrug exercises and head m-shaped exercises (suitable for neck and shoulder muscle acidity, swelling, tiredness, pain and other symptoms).

The m-shaped movement requires the head to move in the radial direction, but the head should not be turned in a circle.

The right side tilts in one direction, stays for 5 seconds, then stands upright for 5 seconds, and then tilts in the next direction for 5 seconds, repeating 8 directions in this way.

  In addition, it is recommended that you better adhere to aerobic exercise for more than 1 hour every day, such as jogging, brisk walking, ball sports, cycling, etc., and exercise flexibility appropriately.

What will a lover do after having sex?

What will a lover do after having sex?

What will he do after you have sex?

Please select: A.

Have a drink together and chat B.

Be gentle and keep talking sweetly.

Wash his hair and take a shower and start doing his own thing. D.

He fell asleep and whispered to Tianming E.

Smoke a cigarette and watch TV F.

The person who organizes his clothes and then quickly leaves the result analysis and chooses A. He is a man who loves life and is full of happiness and ideals. He likes to be on the same front with each other, that is, a couple in the same country. They have their own ideals.Dreams can be realized together. In daily life, we can take care of each other and encourage each other. On the road of love, he is enthusiastic and sincere, hoping to express his love.

He is very friendly and proportionate to the opposite sex. He likes to be liked and welcomed, and deep inside, he longs for an eternal affection.

  The person who chooses B is a gentle and considerate lover on the surface. In fact, he is very sensitive, and often cannot bear to let go of some emotions, and it gives you a headache. In addition, his sensitive and emotional personality makes you seeIn my eyes, I feel sad.

And his tenderness is a confusion you can’t resist. His carefulness and respect for you will soon put you in a troubled net, and the deeper the love, the more painful.

  The person who chose C, he is a “cold-headed” love killer, because he knows the “rules of love” very clearly, mainly based on his own feelings and loyal to his emotions.

He is eager to fall in love with his “favorite”. Therefore, for other “second love” or his lover who actively pursues him, he will not bring too much affection. When will it be replaced by him, he will completely control himIn his hands, that is, when his real “favorite” appears, you have no room to restore his heart.

If you are his “favorite”, his strong possessiveness will often overwhelm you, because he is afraid to lose you.

  The person who chose D, he is a man with a lot of old feelings. Don’t look at him who doesn’t care much about things, and accept the geography of course to accept the status quo. You can see in your eyes, and sometimes you are really angry.

He does n’t pay much attention to the atmosphere and mood for sex. For your feelings, if you do n’t say it, he may not know it for a lifetime, so try to communicate with him and tolerate his “satisfaction with the status quo” because he is actuallyHe is a family and affectionate person.

  The person who chooses E is a lover of great man’s importance. Sometimes in life, he will pick you, even limit your words and deeds, and criticize your clothing style. In fact, he is just “hitting” yourConfidence, I hope you can give priority to his opinions and listen to his views and practices.

He likes you to be a “reactive” lover, and his enthusiastic response will make him feel very respectable and satisfy his great man-like vanity.

He is a man who occasionally steals fish. He thinks this is harmless. Unless he cares about you, he will admit to you wrong, otherwise he will be complacent.

  The person who chooses F is a person who is not easily “responsible”. Loyal to his “measures” will divide love into several levels, such as “the future can be married”, “just a fixed sexual partner”, everything”Results” are all based on his subjective standards. If he wants to compromise with him, it takes a long time and unlimited patience.

However, there is a great possibility that he will choose a woman who is not very in love with him on the eve of marriage, but he is very companion of “worth”.