Sanqi powder and angelica powder can be used together

Sanqi powder and angelica powder can be used together

Chinese medicine believes that Sanqi powder and Angelica powder can be used together.

Angelica and panax notoginseng are both medicinal in terms of their medicinal properties, and they all have affliction, and both go into the liver, heart, and spleen and stomach meridians.

In terms of the function of the medicine, Angelica sinensis nourishes blood and promotes blood circulation, regulates menstruation and analgesia, moisturizes and smoothes the intestines.

The function of Sanqi is to stasis and stop bleeding, swelling and pain.


The two medicines hurt by bruises and sprains, and the two medicines can be used together to promote blood circulation, blood stasis and swelling to relieve pain.


Two drugs are used to treat irregular menstruation, blood stasis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, angelica, replenishing qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and analgesia.

Sanqi promotes blood circulation and stasis, thereby increasing the efficacy of blood circulation and dysmenorrhea.


Postpartum bath and abdominal pain, endless lochia, Sanqi, Angelica, Chuanxiong, etc. can be used to dissipate blood stasis and relieve pain.


As a result of skin ulcers due to qi and blood discord, qi and blood weakness and non-healing, the two drugs can be used in combination to increase qi and blood, function to accelerate the activation of blood stasis, and promote early healing of wound healing.


In terms of clinical treatment of blood syndromes, the combination of the two drugs increases the function of nourishing blood and generating blood.

As the spleen does not control the blood, a variety of blood syndromes, including anemia without blood stasis.

Modern medical research Sanqi has hematopoiesis, Angelica has blood-enriching and blood-enriching functions, and the two drugs are used together to supplement blood without leaving stasis.


Clinical treatment of coronary heart disease, palpitations and other diseases.

In order to increase blood circulation.


For the treatment of cerebrovascular disease, the formation of cerebral blood acid, and cerebral hemorrhage, the two doses should be adjusted according to the clinical condition, and the weight of the two medicines should be distinguished.


Panax notoginseng, Angelica sinensis and TCM combined treatment of increased alanine aminotransferase, powders in equal amounts, 1 at a time.

0 grams.

Fasting three times a day.

One month of treatment can get better results.

The combination of the two drugs in the treatment of chronic congestion type, hepatitis, and unfortunately the liver has certain effects.