Featured practices greatly increase the nutrition of rice

Featured practices greatly increase the nutrition of rice

As one of the most important staple foods for Chinese people, rice has a close relationship with our lives.

But when it comes to rice, how many more can you think of?

Do you still feel a little tired of simmering rice every day?

Here, we introduce to you some of the most popular ways to eat “rice”, which may give you some “creation” inspiration.

  The special practice has greatly increased the nutrition of rice. Director Hong of a nutrition department of a Beijing hospital said that the key to the health of special rice is how much oil is used.

If you use less oil, you can avoid the “rich disease” such as high blood lipids caused by excessive transitions. Therefore, it is bound to be frying. It is very important to master the amount of oil used.

In addition, Director Hong suggested that at the peak of the cold, eating pineapple rice made of glutinous rice is a good choice. Glutinous rice is a warm food and has a very good preventive effect against colds and colds.

  In fact, there are various ways of making rice. They are either salty and delicious, or sweet and tempting, all with their own characteristics.

However, Wu Meiyun, a member of the Nutrition and Gastronomy Committee of the Chinese Culinary Association, believes that no matter what they do, they have similarities: Most of the characteristic rice is added with animal and plant-based ingredients, so it is more nutritious and nutritious than ordinary steamed rice.Increased.

In addition, its bright color and changing taste can also increase appetite and greatly enrich the food culture.

  The first kind-paella, the colorful paella is actually an “exotic product” that originated in Spain and is the national dish of Spain.

The authentic paella is spiced with saffron, and the rice grains are golden yellow. It is also served with prawns, oysters, squid and other ingredients. Its bright color just makes the appetite greatly increase.

  Most domestic paellas have been improved.

According to Beijing’s Ashanti Restaurant, in order to adapt to the tastes of the Chinese, they put the traditional Spanish risotto on a fully cooked dish, but the basic flavor of the fresh fragrant remains unchanged.

  The ingredients used for paella are very rich, in addition to the shrimp, oysters, squid mentioned above, as well as green peppers, red peppers, and other shellfish.

In addition, olive oil and saffron are absolutely indispensable.

When preparing, first fry fish, shellfish, and vegetables with olive oil, then add saffron, salt and other precipitates, seasoning, and cook with rice.

  The second type-bibimbap, the most comprehensive nutrition, as long as people who have watched Korean dramas, they will not be unfamiliar with the scene of holding a large bowl of bibimbap.

However, when it comes to Korean bibimbap, the most “classic” is stone pot rice.

  It is understood that there are many ingredients for bibimbap, from simmered to vegetarian, from cold to hot, including eggs, cold tender bean sprouts and greens, fried bracken, carrot shreds, and fried minced meat.Wait.
In making, the most important thing is to fry one side of the egg and keep the yolk intact on the other side. Before steaming the rice, you should apply a layer of sesame oil to the bottom and edge of the stone pot to ensure that the rice is not sticky.At the same time add oily flavor.

Due to the rapid rise of the stone pot, rice, seasonal vegetables, eggs and minced meat will “sizzle” shortly after being heated.

At this point, stir with chopsticks, the aroma will overflow, making your index finger move.

  The third kind-pineapple rice, using the best fruits of purple glutinous rice in the dishes is no new idea, but if it is the “best combination” of rice and fruits, it is the pineapple rice.

  According to the manager of a restaurant in Yunnan, as a unique and delicious dish of the Dai people in the Yunnan frontier, pineapple rice is very different from ordinary rice. Its unique subtropical fruit pineapple is fresh, fragrant, sour, sweet, and glutinous rice.Mouthfeel, and possibly multivitamins, have extremely high nutritional value.

  As the name suggests, pineapple rice is made from pineapple and glutinous rice.

Among them, pineapple should be neither too ripe nor too raw, with the appearance of 2/3 yellow and 1/3 green being the best; glutinous rice is better than purple glutinous rice.

  When making, first steam the glutinous rice into glutinous rice for later use, then cut the pineapple along the nails to make a cover, and dig out the pineapple meat for use, leaving about 0.

5 cm thick shell, steamed for about 15 minutes.

Then chop the minced pineapple meat (the more broken the better), stir with steamed glutinous rice, sprinkle with sugar, mix well and put in the pineapple, cover, and steam for about 15 minutes.

  The first type, Yangzhou Fried Rice, uses less oil and salt to lift fried rice. Yangzhou Fried Rice is famous, from street shops to five-star restaurants.

But what about authentic Yangzhou fried rice?

  Master Xue Quansheng, the top ten cooking master of China and the head of Huaiyang cuisine, told the Life Times reporter that there are many types of fried rice, whether it is domestic, or Japan, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, each has its own characteristics. Among them, Yangzhou fried rice is based onIts clear color appearance, “soft, waxy, loose, cool” taste, has won the most widespread recognition.

  The exact name of Yangzhou fried rice should be “assorted egg fried rice”.

According to the standards established in 2002, its main ingredients include rice, river prawns, firewood eggs; ingredients include chicken leg meat, fresh bamboo shoots, sea cucumber diced, diced mushrooms, diced mushrooms, jinhua ham, and dried scallops.,Haricot vert.

In terms of practice, Yangzhou fried rice should pay attention to “reducing oil and salt”.

For example, 500 grams of rice with 4 eggs, plus a few ingredients for a total of about 1,000 grams, only 60 grams of oil, the amount of salt should be slightly lighter than usual.

  Master Xue believes that eating Yangzhou fried rice is best accompanied by a bowl of green tofu soup, rice, vegetarian dishes, and some amaranth.