Neck and shoulder pain can try the back of the head top wall exercise

Neck and shoulder pain can try the back of the head top wall exercise

Mr. Zhang, a reader from Fengtai District: Recently, I always feel severe neck and shoulder pain. Do experts have any good exercise methods besides taking medicine?

  Professor Xu Jianguo, chairman of the Professional Committee of Pain Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association: If you feel pain in the neck, shoulders, waist, back, etc., you must first avoid repeated desks, and it is best to take a break every hour.

Suggest that you can try to do cervical exercises, the method is: exercise the back of the head against the wall, hold it for several minutes each time, then release, and then repeat.

Or do shoulder-shrug exercises and head m-shaped exercises (suitable for neck and shoulder muscle acidity, swelling, tiredness, pain and other symptoms).

The m-shaped movement requires the head to move in the radial direction, but the head should not be turned in a circle.

The right side tilts in one direction, stays for 5 seconds, then stands upright for 5 seconds, and then tilts in the next direction for 5 seconds, repeating 8 directions in this way.

  In addition, it is recommended that you better adhere to aerobic exercise for more than 1 hour every day, such as jogging, brisk walking, ball sports, cycling, etc., and exercise flexibility appropriately.