6 precautions for morning exercise

6 precautions for morning exercise

The morning is suitable for exercise, and the air is fresh and comfortable. Many elderly people have joined the morning exercise team. In fact, the elderly must pay attention to some taboos, otherwise the more the exercise, the more harmful the body.

Now let ‘s take a look at the 6 important points for the morning exercise for the elderly.

1. Should not empty the elderly with slow metabolism, relatively slow blood flow in the morning, blood pressure, and low body temperature.

Before morning exercise, you should drink some hot drinks, such as milk, egg soup, etc. to replenish moisture, increase calories, and accelerate blood circulation.

2. It is not appropriate to raise the temperature often in the morning. If you leave the house prematurely, the elderly will be cold and prone to colds and colds, and some elderly people with chronic diseases will easily get worse.

3, should not be exposed to outdoor activities in the morning should choose to shelter from the sun, warm and quiet, fresh air in the wilderness, parks and other places, do not run against the wind, do not reduce clothing activities, and can not take off the body to exercise.

After sweating, never take off your clothes and let the cold wind blow.

4. It is not advisable to wake up early in the morning due to muscle relaxation and stiffness of joint ligaments, so you should gently move your joints before twisting, twist your waist, relax your muscles, and prevent accidents caused by excessive movement.

5. It is not advisable to eat immediately after morning exercise, as it is susceptible to rehabilitation diseases such as indigestion.

It is generally best to eat after 20 to 30 minutes of morning exercise.

6, it is not appropriate to make up the cage sleep after morning exercise, fatigue generally occurs, some people think that going to bed after morning exercise, “make up sleep” is a combination of work and rest.

In fact, this will not only affect the effect of morning exercises, but also not good for your health.

The old Chinese medicine health network warmly reminds: the elderly must choose the weather in the morning exercise, do not go out in haze days or cooling seasons, so as to avoid contracting the disease and achieving the purpose of physical fitness.