Would it be smarter for a baby to eat more sea fish?

Would it be smarter for a baby to eat more sea fish?

Guide: Your baby will be smarter by eating more sea fish?

The 6-year-old is a golden stage for the development and growth of children’s brain cells, brain structure, and brain functions. During this period, if the lack of nutrition will lead to insufficient brain development, and even if any alternative is made later, it will only be effective.

“If babies lack too much brain nutrition during the rapid development of the brain, the effects are difficult to repair and replace. Therefore, attention to brain health should begin from infancy.

In the critical period of the baby’s brain development, supplement the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities to provide an excessive material basis for brain development.

 DHA is an important component of phospholipids in the brain cell membrane, which is particularly important for the development of brain nerve secretion and synapses.

Therefore, supplementing with a sufficient amount of DHA will greatly promote the synaptic growth and transformation efficiency in brain neurons, maintain efficient connections between brain cells, and make your baby’s brain smarter.

  Deep sea fish: catfish, tuna (yellowfin tuna), salmon, whale, seal, parasitic fish, capelin, salmon (Atlantic salmon), fish, cod, saury, herring, sardine, eel, etc.

Among them, the DHA content in the aunts of marine fish and sea shells is 2 5 of that of terrestrial animals and plants.
100 times.

Eat fish regularly, especially if you eat sea fish often, you have excess DHA.

  Tips: In addition, catfish, yellow croaker and fish eggs in freshwater fish also contain DHA.