6 precautions for morning exercise

6 precautions for morning exercise

The morning is suitable for exercise, and the air is fresh and comfortable. Many elderly people have joined the morning exercise team. In fact, the elderly must pay attention to some taboos, otherwise the more the exercise, the more harmful the body.

Now let ‘s take a look at the 6 important points for the morning exercise for the elderly.

1. Should not empty the elderly with slow metabolism, relatively slow blood flow in the morning, blood pressure, and low body temperature.

Before morning exercise, you should drink some hot drinks, such as milk, egg soup, etc. to replenish moisture, increase calories, and accelerate blood circulation.

2. It is not appropriate to raise the temperature often in the morning. If you leave the house prematurely, the elderly will be cold and prone to colds and colds, and some elderly people with chronic diseases will easily get worse.

3, should not be exposed to outdoor activities in the morning should choose to shelter from the sun, warm and quiet, fresh air in the wilderness, parks and other places, do not run against the wind, do not reduce clothing activities, and can not take off the body to exercise.

After sweating, never take off your clothes and let the cold wind blow.

4. It is not advisable to wake up early in the morning due to muscle relaxation and stiffness of joint ligaments, so you should gently move your joints before twisting, twist your waist, relax your muscles, and prevent accidents caused by excessive movement.

5. It is not advisable to eat immediately after morning exercise, as it is susceptible to rehabilitation diseases such as indigestion.

It is generally best to eat after 20 to 30 minutes of morning exercise.

6, it is not appropriate to make up the cage sleep after morning exercise, fatigue generally occurs, some people think that going to bed after morning exercise, “make up sleep” is a combination of work and rest.

In fact, this will not only affect the effect of morning exercises, but also not good for your health.

The old Chinese medicine health network warmly reminds: the elderly must choose the weather in the morning exercise, do not go out in haze days or cooling seasons, so as to avoid contracting the disease and achieving the purpose of physical fitness.

Sanqi powder and angelica powder can be used together

Sanqi powder and angelica powder can be used together

Chinese medicine believes that Sanqi powder and Angelica powder can be used together.

Angelica and panax notoginseng are both medicinal in terms of their medicinal properties, and they all have affliction, and both go into the liver, heart, and spleen and stomach meridians.

In terms of the function of the medicine, Angelica sinensis nourishes blood and promotes blood circulation, regulates menstruation and analgesia, moisturizes and smoothes the intestines.

The function of Sanqi is to stasis and stop bleeding, swelling and pain.


The two medicines hurt by bruises and sprains, and the two medicines can be used together to promote blood circulation, blood stasis and swelling to relieve pain.


Two drugs are used to treat irregular menstruation, blood stasis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, angelica, replenishing qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and analgesia.

Sanqi promotes blood circulation and stasis, thereby increasing the efficacy of blood circulation and dysmenorrhea.


Postpartum bath and abdominal pain, endless lochia, Sanqi, Angelica, Chuanxiong, etc. can be used to dissipate blood stasis and relieve pain.


As a result of skin ulcers due to qi and blood discord, qi and blood weakness and non-healing, the two drugs can be used in combination to increase qi and blood, function to accelerate the activation of blood stasis, and promote early healing of wound healing.


In terms of clinical treatment of blood syndromes, the combination of the two drugs increases the function of nourishing blood and generating blood.

As the spleen does not control the blood, a variety of blood syndromes, including anemia without blood stasis.

Modern medical research Sanqi has hematopoiesis, Angelica has blood-enriching and blood-enriching functions, and the two drugs are used together to supplement blood without leaving stasis.


Clinical treatment of coronary heart disease, palpitations and other diseases.

In order to increase blood circulation.


For the treatment of cerebrovascular disease, the formation of cerebral blood acid, and cerebral hemorrhage, the two doses should be adjusted according to the clinical condition, and the weight of the two medicines should be distinguished.


Panax notoginseng, Angelica sinensis and TCM combined treatment of increased alanine aminotransferase, powders in equal amounts, 1 at a time.

0 grams.

Fasting three times a day.

One month of treatment can get better results.

The combination of the two drugs in the treatment of chronic congestion type, hepatitis, and unfortunately the liver has certain effects.



Leek is a herb, root, stem, leaf, seed, similar to medicinal.

  The taste is sweet, spicy, warm and non-toxic.

  Ingredients contain volatile oil and sulfide, protein, trace amounts, sugars, vitamin B, vitamin C, etc.

  The function is an invigorating and strong medicine, which has a stomach-invigorating, refreshing and warming effect.

Root and leaf juice has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects.

Suitable for night sweats, enuresis, frequent urination, impotence, nocturnal emission, diarrhea, nausea, chancre, abdominal pain, women’s menstrual disease, menstrual leak, carry-off and bruises, vomiting blood, epistaxis, etc.

  [噎隔反胃(包括食道癌,胃癌,咽下困难或食人即吐、胸烷隐痛等)]  韭菜或韭根,洗净捣汁。Put one spoonful of juice at a time, and half a cup of milk. After boiling, swallow slowly, several times a day.

  [成人或小儿盗汗,肺或淋巴结核]  韭菜或韭黄(一名韭芽)同蚬肉(猪肝或羊肝亦可)一起煮食喝汤(蚬肉不要多吃,防止消化不好),Not only can stop the perspiration, but also appetizing, and has the strength.

  [阳虚易汗]  韭菜根60克,水煎服。  [产后淤血,血晕昏迷(流血过多,昏晕,包括出血性休克)]  韭菜或根捣烂,置于瓶中,另用醋或酒煮沸冲入,趁热熏口鼻,有急救回Su Zhigong.

  [跌打损伤,疲血肿痛,或外伤出血不止]  韭菜或根,捣烂敷伤处,能消疲止痛、止血。  [跌打骨折]  韭菜15克,葱白、生姜各9克,白胡椒10粒,红糖30克,黄桅子5枚,面粉60克,共捣烂摊成饼状,敷伤处包扎之。  [肾亏梦遗滑精,腰酸,小便频数,小儿尿床,妇女腰酸带多]  韭菜子炒熟,桑螵蛸、龙骨等分研末,水泛为丸,如小豆大,食后每服3-6G, twice a day.

  [扭伤腰痛]  生韭菜或韭菜根30克,切细,黄酒90毫升,煮沸后,趁热饮服,每日l-2剂。

Is obesity a disease?

Is obesity a disease?

Recently, it was reported in the news that a girl left the landlord with 15 garbage bags to fill the garbage after she cancelled the rent.

The landlord stated that the thick odor could be smelled as soon as the door was opened, and the garbage in the room was distributed in an orderly manner, not to mention that someone had thought it was a dump.

According to experts’ analysis, like girls, they are afraid of throwing things away, and the crazy storage of items may be storage fetish.

  Storage obsession is a mental illness, also known as obsessive storage.

On the surface, obsessive-compulsive storage is similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder, because the behavioral characteristics of obsessive-compulsive disorder include obsessive-compulsive cleaning, obligatory ritual actions, obsessive-compulsory examination, and obsessive-compulsive counting. Therefore, some people naturally attribute obsessive-compulsive storage to obsessive-compulsive disorderOverview, even some professionals are vague.

In fact, the difference between the nature of obsessive-compulsive storage and obsessive-compulsive disorder is not the same thing at all.

  Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, who studied brain activity in 45 patients with obsessive-compulsive storage disorder and another 17 healthy people, found that patients with obsessive-compulsive storage disorder deal with problems in their brains.The decision-making part is less active than other patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the part of their brain responsible for guidance, memory and emotional control is less active than normal people.

  Researchers say that patients with obsessive-compulsive storage disorder always leave useless items such as used newspapers and clothing at home and pile them in a prominent place at home, making the “garbage” in the home pile up into mountains.

Scoring with other OCD patients, patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder are more worried, depressed, and have worsened social skills.

  Experts said: “OCD is characterized by the coexistence of conscious self-compulsion and conscious self-compulsion.

The conflict between the two causes patient nervousness and pain.

Patients with obsessive storage do not have this pain. They focus on deliberately searching for what they need and how to deal with them.

“Some studies believe that from the perspective of disease, obsessive-compulsive storage is more severe than obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the average of patients with obsessive-compulsive storage is seriously lacking in decision-making ability.

They can’t decide what they should do, so they prepare many different plans for themselves every day, and their minds are always wandering and choosing.

Even if they get what they like, where do they keep it?

Will hesitate again.

Especially if they keep things that they particularly like, they may not be able to get an idea for half a day.

In the end, it is likely to be broken down and there are several places.

  Before completely understanding the ins and outs of the disease, experts recommend that the families of patients with obsessive-compulsory storage should not be impatient, nor should they refuse to deal with the patients or throw away their picked things rudely.

Because there is no doubt for patients completely, it will stimulate their rebellious psychology and speed up the storage.

Communicate in good faith and tell them tirelessly that their actions really cause trouble for others.

Especially for the patients who are being treated, the sudden love and patience of the family members is particularly important.

What should parents do when their children quarrel?

What should parents do when their children quarrel?

Children playing together will inevitably have quarrels due to snatching toys, snacks, etc. What should parents do when children quarrel?

  Why do children quarrel?

  The quarrel between children, in addition to the apparent reasons we see, such as scramble for toys, snacks, etc., is also related to the family environment and parent’s education.


Imitating parents and children of TV movies are very capable of imitating. If parents at home often quarrel, or if they often watch violent film and television works, they can easily imitate in life and form rough and rude bad characters.


Doting and education Many parents now love their children very much. The whole family turns around their children alone. This makes it easy to develop a “self-centered” character. It is easy to have friction when dealing with children.

Other parents are afraid that their children will suffer. They will teach their children to “fight back if someone bullies you.” Such indulgence will also make it easier for children to have disputes with their children or even fight.


Children cannot deal with contradictions. After all, children are small and do not know how to resolve contradictions. When they want to insist on their opinions but cannot convince the other party, they can only solve the problem through quarrels.

  What should parents do when their children quarrel?


Don’t hurry to interfere with some parents who are afraid that their children will suffer. When they see a quarrel with other children, they will “support the child” for the first time, but this will only allow the child to develop a “only self-respect” character.

When we find that children are quarreling, parents must first stay calm, understand the ins and outs of the matter, and then need to handle it properly.


Distracting children ‘s attention Children ‘s attention is actually very easy to divert. When there is a quarrel between children, we can first take one of the children off the scene, or attract them with other children ‘s attraction, so as to come up with newWith toys, books or snacks, attention is shifted, and the bickering will naturally stop.


Let the children resolve the conflicts between themselves. Sometimes the conflicts between parents can intensify the conflicts, so we must learn to let go and let the children resolve the conflicts themselves.

Letting children analyze right and wrong themselves, letting them resolve contradictions themselves, can also help them learn the ability to analyze and solve problems, and also help them learn to deal with relationships properly.


Preserving the child’s dignity If a quarrel is at fault with our own children, we must let the children recognize their mistakes, but we must pay attention to the way of criticism.

Although the child is small, he also has self-esteem. When criticizing the child, do not use sarcasm, insulting criticism of the personality and personality of the child, let alone hit the child in front of everyone, so as not to leave a psychological shadow on the child.

Come and pay attention to our aging parts


Come and pay attention to our aging parts

Are wrinkles really scary?

When you see the first wrinkles in the mirror, will your heart beating?

In the hearts of every woman, there will be a myth that is not old.

However, skin anti-aging can only be a cruel reality. When it came silently, maybe you didn’t notice it.

  The skin of the eyes is the most delicate part of the skin. It is even the most prone to dryness and damage.

For people with dry skin, this problem is especially easy to manifest. The most obvious feature is the appearance of fine lines.

For those with oily skin, ignoring the dryness of the skin around the eyes is the easiest mistake you can make.

The aging of the skin around the eyes usually appears silently. When you really need maintenance, you may find that the skin around the eyes is obviously saggy and sagging, and the fine lines are causing the eyes to become less and less bright. Finally, the eye shape appearsThe changes make aging irreparable.

  Nose wing to lip circumference on the face of young women, you can hardly see its existence, but as you get older, the two deadly monsters next to the nose will become more and more obvious.

Decree lines are typical of aging skin tissue, which is a phenomenon that causes the skin surface to sag.

Astrology holds that the wrinkles of the nose can reflect the weight of a person’s speech, and the deeper the lines, the more weight a person has.

The real meaning of this sentence translation should actually be: You are high above you, you are already an elderly person.

  Distal and forehead skin Although the skin has only one third of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, repeated oil secretion, and difficulty in retaining moisture and other important aging potentials, it is also the easiest to ignore and eventually becomes a victim of bad habits.
In fact, its maintenance should start from the age of 20.

And sometimes, the wrinkles are not an important sign of aging. Some people have a wrinkle in their 20s, and some people may not see it for life.

There are basically only one anti-aging recipe for these two important parts that affect youth-think they exist and get rid of your bad habits.

Support your health with your heart

Support your health with your “heart”

Running around in the workplace, maybe fierce competition and cruel assessment will quickly bend you, there is no way, this is work!
Everything has to continue.
After the anxiety on Sunday night, the new week still started; I really don’t want to see the boss’s face again, and I have to respect and respect every day . What else can change?
Only mentality.
In fact, when your mentality changes and your mental health becomes better, people will change accordingly.
  Standards of Mental Health 1.

Have a sense of security in life, because security is the most basic need.
Make proper judgments about your abilities, and do not do work beyond your abilities.
Life goals are realistic and avoid unnecessary frustration.
Stay in touch with the outside world and enrich your life.
Maintain the integrity and harmony of personality and maintain good interpersonal relationships.
Have a certain learning ability in order to update the knowledge structure and take less detours to achieve more success.
Be able to express and control your emotions moderately.
Unpleasant emotions must be released to achieve psychological balance.
But we must not vent too much, otherwise, it will not only affect our own lives, but also aggravate interpersonal conflicts, which will not be beneficial to our physical and mental health.
Give full play to your talents and hobbies, but you must not hinder the interests of others or harm the interests of the group.
  Don’t let your heart be affected. Unhealthy people often have symptoms of psychological stress or fatigue.
If psychological pressure is not alleviated and eliminated for a long period of time, it will have a variety of adverse consequences.
The first is the impact on physical and mental health, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, dizziness, etc., all related to psychological tension and psychological stress; second, the depression, anxiety, and aggressiveness to people caused by excessive psychological stressBad mentality will directly affect people’s daily life, work and study.
  When psychological stress occurs, if it is not adjusted and channeled, adverse reactions will occur.
Therefore, when you feel irritable, depressed, and nervous, you may wish to use proper airing, sports, tourism, and confession methods to guide you.
  1.Healthy laughter is the best way to eliminate fatigue; 2.
Silence helps to lower blood pressure, it is best to remain silent when it is not necessary to speak; 3.
Slowing down the pace of life can help relieve tension; 4.
Calmly deal with all kinds of complex problems, do wrong things, don’t be indifferent, in fact, everyone can make mistakes; 5.
Don’t be afraid to admit that you have limited abilities and learn to say “No” when appropriate; 6.
To treat the future, we must believe that “there must be a road to the mountain”.
  Psychological balance is not equal to mental health. People generally think that psychological balance represents mental health. In fact, mental health is not a state of balance and adaptation. It is the middle position between the two poles of psychology.
If “balance” is health, then a person who satisfies the status quo, has no pursuit, and is not aggressive is well-balanced internally because he will not have frustration and no conflict, but this cannot be regarded as mental health.
If “adaptation” is health, then some people in the society now talk to others and talk about ghosts, which is not mental health.In fact, these two kinds of people can only be called the main shaft shell without a soul, or the market educated.

  Mental health is ultimately an attitude to life.

People who are mentally healthy look at the world in a positive light and see things around them.

  Taking off colored glasses, waving anxiety, scars, emotional stress and anxiety caused by anxiety can also target many people. Headache, dizziness, soreness, weakness, stiff neck, difficulty falling asleep, easy dreaming, dry mouth, depressed chest, sometimes heartbeatIt soon seemed to be out of breath, sometimes it was bloating, too much stomach, poor appetite, sometimes hot, sometimes cold hands and feet, habitual diarrhea or frequent urination.

If you have these symptoms and you cannot find the cause, it is likely that you have an autonomic nervous disorder.

Psychologist Emmer proposed the “three A method”: understand: first of all, you must admit your own mental depression; secondly, you must pay attention to your emotional changes, whether your words and behaviors are abnormal, as well as the differences in feelings and thinking and physical responses.

  Answer: Learn to identify and record every time an error occurs.

Ask yourself: “Is this true?

Then ask yourself: “What do you think from another perspective?”

“Action: If you feel unnoticed, then you change to a new way; if you are not comfortable at work, you should take a course to improve your skills or find a new job.

Plan more activities to regularize your life.


Five wonderful tonic work vitality

Five wonderful tonic work vitality

Do you have job burnout?


If the following symptoms exceed three, you will have a tendency to burnout!

  I just want to go to work. I have no enthusiasm for the work. I am very busy and empty. I have no achievements. I feel that my work has no future. I always want to open a travel website when I go to work. But I always have no time for vacation.I always feel that the boss ‘s locomotive is difficult for customers to see. If my colleagues are not pleasing to the eye, I always wonder if I am in the wrong line. I feel that the content of the job is boring. I often think of resignation. I changed jobs.Up to 70% of office workers have been attacked by “burnout”!

Burnout is like a chronic disease. It has only mild symptoms at the beginning, and is unmotivated and less motivated. However, once we ignore it for a long time, we turn around one day and we realize that we can no longer call back enthusiasm and feel no sense of work., Even more helpless, feeling violently struck!

All these emotions will lead to more stagnation and weakness in the workplace.

  However, in the face of the downturn in the general environment, it is difficult to find a good job. Compared to the heroic resignation, he patted his ass and walked away. I believe most people still think that it is more practical to find a way to work happily.

  Are you tired?

  Occupational burnout can occur for the following reasons: 1. Salaries cannot be broken: When the first salary of the fourth grader is similar to the salary of young people who just came out of modern society, do you thinkWhat about the future of work?

  2. I don’t see the hope of promotion: When there is little room for job growth and there is no clear and breakable goal in daily work, it will make people lose their enthusiasm and confidence for the job at the beginning.

  3. Conventional and simple work content: The change of work content is small. After regular adaptation and familiarization, things will get faster and faster, but more time will be given each day.

At the same time, it also means that the challenge of work is gradually disappearing, and we are tired and tired of the content of work.

  4. Interpersonal breakthrough: In the workplace, although the ability to work is important, the interpersonal relationship with colleagues and supervisors can not be ignored, and taking into account the best state.

  5. Self-achievement motivation improvement: For people who have higher intentions at work, they often work very hard and change themselves to set ambitious goals.

When the actual situation and the target gap fall, there will be a sense of frustration to overcome, and job burnout will quietly rise.

  6, panic about self-awareness: I am afraid that I am inadequate, I am afraid of layoffs, I am afraid that my colleagues are afraid of panic. In all ages, all walks of life will encounter.

It is usually beneficial to have a moderate sense of tension in your work, but being too nervous and worried may cause excessive psychological pressure.

 Finding new motivation for work “Heart disease must be treated with heart medicine”, this sentence is also very applicable to burnout.

  1. Physiologically: When you feel burnout, taking a moderate rest, relaxing, and temporarily leaving the work environment pressure is the fastest way to relieve it.

Compared with men, women are more successful when they are under pressure and can seek other ways to relieve stress. Drinking afternoon tea, being a SPA, and hanging out with friends to chat can all achieve the effect of expressing work stress.

  On the other hand, because of the influence of traditional education, men need to be strong in the workplace. When they encounter job burnout, their external performance is more depressed.

It is recommended that you start with getting out of the stressful environment and try to go beyond seeking assistance and shift your focus.

  2. Psychologically: “Being busy” is one of the easiest reasons for people to feel tired, so only rethinking work directions and goals and finding what you really want to do is the most important thing for job burnout.

Young workplace workers are most likely to have the problem of “don’t know what they really want to do”, but in fact, no matter at what stage, they should find their true interest, and then stride towards the goal afterwards, and be able toGo more down the road.

  3. Personality: If you always get used to thinking first and foremost, and accumulate frustrations on your body, you will not get out of the dead end.

When faced with work irregularities, in addition to maintaining an optimistic mind and possessing appropriate pressure adjustment skills, the body can naturally develop resistance to stress.

  4. Experience: In fact, job burnout is often related to life experience and workplace experience. Young novices will encounter job burnout, probably because they have not found a job they really want to do.Job burnout may occur due to salary or promotion space issues.

If there is a problem with the work content, it is recommended that you can directly discuss with your supervisor or seniors, and learn more from other people, which is a secret technique to quickly accumulate experience in the workplace.

  5. Conceptually: When you feel burnout, “turning thoughts” and “multiple thinking” are the most important ideas for everyone.

No longer “working for work” to find the true meaning in work and life.

When you find the meaning and value of your job, no matter what you do, you will feel that you are a very important screw in society, and naturally you will not have job burnout.

For example: In Japan, no matter what kind of profession, people value their work very much, even if others don’t pay attention, they will seriously and surely complete their duties. This is the importance and importance of self-career.

  Actually, the symptoms of burnout are about work 1?
Appears in about 2 years. When you encounter symptoms of burnout, first slow down a bit, let yourself rest and breathe, and then re-check your work content and results. If you are in the right direction, you can regain your work pleasure.And value.

  However, if you find that your current job is not really your favorite, you can also observe your own process in this way, go back to the next direction, and then move towards your new job goal.

From the long-term experience of observing workplace dynamics, supervisors do not want to find someone who works for work, or an employee who seeks work in order to avoid the previous job. Only by keeping the work ambition and enthusiasm forever can we abandon tiredness, laziness and createWin-win.

Recommended 5 Food Therapies for Amenorrhea

Recommended 5 Food Therapies for Amenorrhea

Gynecological diseases are one of the most fatal diseases for women. Some gynecological diseases can cause female infertility, and some can even cause women to lose their lives, so they cause significant.

In addition to proper treatments for gynecological diseases, some dietary therapies can also be assisted. The following editors introduce the dietary treatments for various amenorrhea.

  Recommended 5 dietary treatments for treating amenorrhea1.

1 chicken hen with chicken sauce porridge, after processing, add a small amount of water to fry the chicken sauce, and then use the original chicken soup with 100 grams of rice to cook porridge, pay attention to boiling with high fire first, and then cook with mild fire until the porridge is thickJust fine.

Walnut chestnut porridge with 10 chestnut meat, 10 walnut meat, 100 grams of rice, add the right amount of water to cook porridge.


Ginger Lamb Soup 250 grams of mutton, 1 slice of ginger, pepper, aniseed feed, add a moderate amount of water to cook the soup, and drink while hot.


Barley porridge with 100 grams of rice and 50 grams of oatmeal, add the right amount of water to cook the porridge.


Motherwort Black Bean Sugar Water Motherwort 30 grams, black beans 60 grams, add a small amount of water to thicken, add the right amount of sugar, add 1-2 spoons of rice wine and serve.

7 misunderstandings of the elderly’s health and health

7 misunderstandings of the elderly’s health and health

Years are stimulating, many people will think that when people are 50 to 50 years old, their healthy bodies will slowly lose.

In fact, this is falling into the misunderstanding of physical aging.

The elderly are healthy and healthy, and they must not believe these rumors. Let’s take a look.

  Myth #1: As you progress through age, you will lose intelligence. Nearly half of the Americans over the age of 85 are obese Alzheimer’s.

  But people can completely reduce the possibility of losing intelligence in old age through some preventive measures.

Start with the diet first.

Several studies have shown that those who consume high-fat, high-saturated fatty acids and high-cholesterol foods have at least tripled the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The consumption of whole-grain foods, fruits, vegetables, melon seeds and nuts is a great alternative because they provide fiber and antioxidants that keep the arteries unobstructed and deliver excess blood to the brain.

  Myth 2: You don’t need to have as many sleeps as young people. Old people are not made of special materials. Like young people, you need the same amount of sleep to rest and restore energy.

Older people need 7-9 hours of sleep a day, but it is often difficult for older people to go to sleep and sleep.

Therefore, the researchers suggest that if you have sleep problems, go to the doctor and ask for help.

  Myth #3: It’s too late to get older. Evidence shows that exercise has the same impact on the health of the elderly as it is for young people.

One study showed that mortality was inversely proportional to the number of calories burned per week.

Fitness can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, increase your endurance and make you sleep better.

  Myth 4: If you are old, you have to give up running. Unless years of running sports have damaged your pedaling and joints, you should continue to open your knees and step on the road.

Although this is a high-impact activity, you don’t have to give up as long as you run in a way that is good for your body.

  Fischer, a sports expert at Fairleigh Dicks University in the United States, said that the elderly should always pay attention to their bodies and find that they are changing their training methods or frequency.

For example, before suffering from chronic arthritis, the number of running six times a week is reduced to three or four times.

  Myth 5: When you are old, you will have a hunchback. If your bones are strong, you will not hunchback.

Humpback is caused by osteoporosis, so you can prevent osteoporosis by eating calcium and calcium foods, walking exercises, etc., so as to prevent hunchback.

  Myth 6: You will say goodbye to the muscles. The American Fitness Association data shows that after 20 years of age, most people lose about 200 grams of muscle each year, but they can be reduced by strength training.

  One of the major drawbacks of strength training is the formation of muscle masses that help to lose weight. This benefit does not change with age.

  Myth 7: Weight gain causes most women to gain 4 during menopause.

5 kg.

But this is not to say that the weight gain can be exercised for 40-60 minutes a day, so that every time you burn 300-400 cards, you can help you maintain a charming body.