Why Tomboy Is Popular

Why “Tomboy” Is Popular

In the “Super Girl” finals that ended a few days ago, two “tomboys” Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang voted for the first and second runner-up with more than 3 million text messages, and the girly Zhang Liangying won the third place with an absolute disadvantage.
Has the times changed?
Why are tomboys so popular?
  ”The times are indeed changing. As the division of labor becomes less and less obvious, there will be less and less gender differences.

Yuan Rong, a counselor at Guangzhou Qingtian Psychological Counseling Center, told reporters recently, “But the times have not changed, because people of both sexes have always been easy to welcome, and their psychology will be relatively healthy.
”   “假小子”更健康   一位50多岁的女音乐人是一名“玉米(李宇春Fans的昵称)”,她写了长达四五千字的文章,从专业角度上称赞了李宇春的唱功,The article mentioned at the end that Li Yuchun was the image of her dream. She wanted to be such a girl when she was a child, but did not dare to do it, and finally became a good girl.
Such articles are not rare.
  Why do many women want to do but dare not be tomboys, reluctant but still be good girls?
  Yuan Rong, a consultant at the Guangzhou Qingtiantian Psychological Counseling Center, said that this is because not only the public insists on traditional female stereotypes, but their parents must also insist on such stereotypes. The combination of the two pressures makes them afraid to go freely.Shape one’s third sexuality.
  He said that the first and second sexual characteristics are mainly determined by physiological basis, but the third sexual characteristics are mainly formed through identification and imitation of parents.
Boys are easy to identify with fathers, and girls are easy to identify with mothers.
If the father is a brave, decisive, rude, open-minded man, and a good dad who loves children, the boy will regard his father as an idol for learning and transcendence.
If the mother is a gentle, kind, reasonable, and considerate woman, and a good mother who loves children, she will naturally become an idol for her daughter to learn and imitate.
  Boys identify with fathers and girls identify with mothers. This is the basis for the formation of third sexual characteristics.
However, Yuan Rong said that the healthiest situation is that children not only identify with same-sex parents, but also recognize some excellent third sex characteristics of heterosexual parents.
If the parents’ third sexual characteristics are healthy, then the child is likely to develop a healthy androgynous temperament.
  Yuan Rongqin said that people of both sexes are relatively healthier because most people of both sexes have a happy and harmonious family.
The relationship between parents is harmonious, and the relationship between parents and children is also harmonious.
  Androgynous people are more likely to be popular because they have a strong appeal to both sexes, which is an important reason why Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang are so popular.
  ”Very female” is a stereotype. There are three levels of gender differences.
First of all, the differences in reproductive organs are called “first sexual characteristics”. Once the baby is born, we can know the baby’s gender through the first sexual characteristics.
Secondly, breasts, throat knots, body hair, etc. are called “second sexual characteristics”. In the infants and young children, there is no difference between the two sexes in these aspects, but after entering adolescence, these physical characteristics gradually develop and become a gender-specific “Second sexual characteristics. ”
As for personality traits such as personality and temperament, they are called “third sexual characteristics.”
  For the third sexual characteristics of both sexes, there are some habitual understandings: men are straightforward, ambitious, bold, fighting spirit, strong and active in love, women are poor, cowardly, timid, sentimental, polite, rightThe demand for love is passive, and the demand for love is strong.
  However, in psychology, this habitual recognition is called “gender stereotypes”.
Humans are born with the simplification of thinking, so they have formed some simple understandings of some things. This is the stereotype, which facilitates the thinking, but also hinders the creativity and flexibility of the thinking.
  When it comes to gender, the common stereotype is that men and women have opposite sex qualities: male masculine, female feminine; male rough, female delicate; male strong, female gentle; male direct, female gentle; male bold, female shy; Males are ambitious, women are polite . …… But gender stereotypes are constantly changing with the times. In the past, the most typical female stereotype was “women have no talent is virtue.”
But now, this stereotype is hard to hold.
In the past, the stereotype of males was “dominant male,” but now there are more and more “domestic males.”
  In the top three of “Super Girl”, Zhang Liangying, the third runner-up, basically met the stereotype of women. Champion Li Yuchun and runner-up Zhou Bichang both overturned this stereotype.
In addition, the two “tomboys” were so popular that their popularity among teenagers far outweighed Zhang Liangying.
Yuan Rongqin said that it can be expected that they will have a strong impact on girls of this generation and will change the stereotype of women to a considerable extent.
  ”Bisexuals” are more popular In fact, in life, we will find some examples of bisexual temperaments that are more popular.
Wang Ning, 48, is a classic example.
He is a Sichuanese. He is not tall. On the surface, the man is full of flavours and strong voice. He never messes with things and is very bold.
But at the same time, he has a very feminine side. He is very delicate and meticulous to family and friends. He is a “psychologist” in the circle of friends and family, and they like to consult him for business and personal matters.
  In contrast, 26-year-old Li Zheng is slender, with long hair and a feminine appearance.
But among a group of charming female partners, she is also a man. She always speaks neatly and daring to do things. In addition, she sympathizes with the weak and usually takes care of the weak sisters. She is happy to be the wronged woman from her boyfriendAccompanied by the support, thus winning the admiration and trust of the sisters.   At the same time, in the eyes of male friends, this flat-breasted girl who likes to wear suspenders is generous, with a bold personality in her personality. She can drink beer and play football, chat about state affairs and military affairs, and do not behave too much like other girls.Tweaking, she wo n’t cry for trivial matters. More importantly, when a boy is facing her, she will also show the coquettishness and fragility of a little girl. When others are sad and need comfort, she will not lose the gentleness and tenderness of a girlTherefore, Li Zheng is also very skillful in the circle of male friends. Not only is he dubbed by some people as “brothers in suspenders”, but he also has a team of admirers of his own, so that many men do not know how to handle themselves at first sight.The envious female friends are very envious.

  Both men and women should learn from each other’s strengths and have excellent characteristics of masculinity and femininity.

Women can be enthusiastic, hot-tempered, smart and strong, and men can be tough and soft, rich in feelings, and pragmatic.

  If it is said that men are one world and women are another world, then people with an bisexual temperament will certainly be more likely to travel freely between the two worlds and win the favor of both worlds at the same time.

This is the basis for the growing popularity of “bisexuals”, and “Super Girl” is just one example.

  Will the gender differences disappear?

  The first to suggest “bisexual temperament” was American psychologist Bem.

Bem believes that traditional culture regards masculinity and femininity as a dimension. People with high masculinity must have low femininity, people with high femininity must have low masculinity, and neutral people are considered non-maleFemale person.

  Bem opposes such stereotypes, and she believes that this habitual perception contrasts masculinity with femininity.

Therefore, she proposed a new thinking: masculinity and femininity are two independent dimensions.

In this way, you can distinguish one person: typical men: sharp increase in masculinity, femininity is prominently low; typical women: sharp rise in femininity, prominently lower masculinity;The concentration of masculinity is high, and the bloom of femininity is also high; undifferentiated people: the bloom of masculinity is low, and the bloom of femininity is also low.

  Bem’s research caused a sensation and quickly gained general acceptance in the psychology community.

Other psychologists have also proposed an understanding of “bisexual temperament” from the perspective of social evolution: people are passive recipients of gender stereotypes, but they are more active shapers.

People continue to break through the traditional gender stereotypes, mainly because this breakthrough will make them more adaptable to new social challenges.

In the past, men and women faced different social challenges, and they also formed a distinct third sex difference. But now, the sexes are becoming less and less obvious in the social division of labor, and the gender difference in the third sex will also be more and moreLess.
Gender differences may even disappear when the issues facing both sexes are the same.

  Psychological self-test: Are you “bisexual”? The following items are the Bem Gender Scale. If you find that you are in full compliance, you will score 7 points. If you do not agree, you will score 1 point.Exactly match, according to the degree of compliance, where appropriate, at 1?
Points are given between 7.


Self-reliance 2.

Tenderness 3.

Helping others 4.

Have an ideal 5.

Optimism 6.

Unstable mood 7.

Independence 8.

Shyness 9.

Ethical 10.

Love movement 11.

Relations 12.

Love exaggerates 13.

Firm 14.

Love flattery 15.

Feeling happy 16.

Strong personality 17.

Loyal 18.

Unpredictable 19.

There is power 20.

Female heart 21.

Favorable strong 22.
Have analytical ability23.
Strong compassion 24.

Outstanding jealousy 25.

Leadership 26.

Sensitive 27.

Honesty 28.

Love adventure 29.

Reasonable 30.

Not frank 31.

Decisive 32.

Good at showing compassion to others 33.

Sincere 34.

Self-sufficient 35.

Easy to quell being hurt 36.

Conceited 37.

Love dominates people 38.

Euphemism 39.

Cute 40.

Manly 41.

Gives a warm 42.

Solemn 43.

Willing to confess 44.

Gentle 45.

Friendly 46.

Love to attack others 47.

Credible 48.

Incompetent 49.

Behave like a leader 50.

Childish 51.

Comply with the environment 52.

Personal supremacy 53.

Don’t say swear 54.

Messy 55.

Highly competitive 56.

Love children 57.

Talented 58.

Have ambition 59.

Love to play 60.

Conservative scoring: 1, (1) Calculated from 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34, 37, 40, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58Add the scores and divide by 20. That’s your masculinity.

  (2) Add 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44, 47, 50, 53, 56, 59 to get the points and divideTake 20 and that’s where your femininity blooms.
  (3) If your male and female scores are both 4.
9 or more, then you are “bisexual.”



Leek is a herb, root, stem, leaf, seed, similar to medicinal.

  The taste is sweet, spicy, warm and non-toxic.

  Ingredients contain volatile oil and sulfide, protein, trace amounts, sugars, vitamin B, vitamin C, etc.

  The function is an invigorating and strong medicine, which has a stomach-invigorating, refreshing and warming effect.

Root and leaf juice has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects.

Suitable for night sweats, enuresis, frequent urination, impotence, nocturnal emission, diarrhea, nausea, chancre, abdominal pain, women’s menstrual disease, menstrual leak, carry-off and bruises, vomiting blood, epistaxis, etc.

  [噎隔反胃(包括食道癌,胃癌,咽下困难或食人即吐、胸烷隐痛等)]  韭菜或韭根,洗净捣汁。Put one spoonful of juice at a time, and half a cup of milk. After boiling, swallow slowly, several times a day.

  [成人或小儿盗汗,肺或淋巴结核]  韭菜或韭黄(一名韭芽)同蚬肉(猪肝或羊肝亦可)一起煮食喝汤(蚬肉不要多吃,防止消化不好),Not only can stop the perspiration, but also appetizing, and has the strength.

  [阳虚易汗]  韭菜根60克,水煎服。  [产后淤血,血晕昏迷(流血过多,昏晕,包括出血性休克)]  韭菜或根捣烂,置于瓶中,另用醋或酒煮沸冲入,趁热熏口鼻,有急救回Su Zhigong.

  [跌打损伤,疲血肿痛,或外伤出血不止]  韭菜或根,捣烂敷伤处,能消疲止痛、止血。  [跌打骨折]  韭菜15克,葱白、生姜各9克,白胡椒10粒,红糖30克,黄桅子5枚,面粉60克,共捣烂摊成饼状,敷伤处包扎之。  [肾亏梦遗滑精,腰酸,小便频数,小儿尿床,妇女腰酸带多]  韭菜子炒熟,桑螵蛸、龙骨等分研末,水泛为丸,如小豆大,食后每服3-6G, twice a day.

  [扭伤腰痛]  生韭菜或韭菜根30克,切细,黄酒90毫升,煮沸后,趁热饮服,每日l-2剂。

12 good habits during pregnancy can give birth to smart babies

12 good habits during pregnancy can give birth to smart babies

Is there any trick to want a healthy baby?

The answer is yes.

Small habits in parental life can have a significant impact on a baby’s health.

  Do the following 12 good habits in daily life, and be able to spend your pregnancy October with peace of mind and give birth to a cute baby.

  1. Do not lose weight or overweight. It is not suitable to lose weight during pregnancy, because if a pregnant mummy loses weight by dieting or partial eclipse, it may make it impossible to obtain balanced nutrition. Therefore, it is easy for mothers with poor resistance.A cold will indirectly affect your baby’s health.

  * The best way is to control your weight to the ideal standard before pregnancy.

  * If you are overweight during pregnancy, pay special attention to diet adjustments, reduce high-calorie, high-fat foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and lose weight too quickly.

  * Once you are overweight, it can easily lead to complications such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, etc. It is recommended that the mother ask a professional nutritionist instead of using an unsafe way to lose weight.

  2. Multi-activity during pregnancy If there is no moderate activity during pregnancy, it will lead to poor age, decreased physical strength or make you unable to survive and gain weight.

Dong Yuhong, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Taoyuan Hospital of the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan, said that proper exercise or activities during pregnancy can increase the mother’s cardiopulmonary function and muscle endurance, which is very good for the fetus and the mother.

  As long as there is no special disease problem, it is best to arrange sports suitable for you every day, such as walking, gymnastics, etc. If conditions permit, you can find a professional pregnant coach to help, pregnant moms can also swim, yoga, dance and other changes.Sports.

  3. Do not overwork. If you are too tired during the early pregnancy, you may cause bleeding, miscarriage and other symptoms. If you are too tired during the middle and late pregnancy, you may have too little weight, premature birth, and the mother is unwell.

  * If the mother feels unwell and has a tight stomach, it is best to rest in bed as soon as possible.

  * If bleeding or obvious uterine contractions have occurred, you should seek medical attention immediately.

  In addition to not being too tired during physical labor during pregnancy, pay attention to work pressure.

The doctor said that it is best to change your mindset and not ask yourself to breathe in a timely manner like before pregnancy.

4. The mood is important. The mother and the fetus are one. When the mother is peaceful and happy, the body will remain healthy and stable.

Conversely, if the mother is emotional, the heartbeat will increase, blood flow will change, and the fetus in the abdomen will indirectly cause the mother’s emotional changes.

  Nowadays, more and more people recognize the value of prenatal education. Experts believe that if the mother can maintain a happy mood and look forward to the death rate, then the entire motherhood process will be smoother and a healthy, good-tempered baby will be born.

  5, do not touch tobacco and alcohol * tobacco and alcohol is a taboo for pregnant moms.

Because, excessive intake of cigarettes will cause birth babies to be underweight, premature, and stillbirth.

* Excessive alcohol concentration increases growth retardation, abnormalities in the central nervous system, and appearance deformities.

Therefore, pregnant women who smoke or drink must abstain absolutely, and even pregnant moms who are second-hand smoke should pay attention to avoid it.

  Most people like coffee or strong tea, because caffeine may cause oxide agitation, so it is best to avoid it.

  6, eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation * Constipation is almost a wound that most pregnant women may encounter, mainly because of the increased uterine compression during pregnancy, which affects the stomach and reduces peristalsis.

  * Changes in hormone secretion are also one of the causes of constipation in pregnant women, and some pregnant women have reduced activity during pregnancy, which also makes the problem of constipation more and more obvious.

  * You must consume enough fruits and vegetables and water daily during pregnancy.

  * To maintain proper activity to increase circulation and gastrointestinal motility.

  * If constipation is very serious, ask your doctor for proper medicine. Never take laxatives by yourself.

  * Pay attention to defecation to avoid danger of premature birth.

  7. Wear proper clothes until pregnancy 4?
Be prepared to change into a more suitable maternity or baby clothes in about 5 months to avoid clothes that are too tight and cause physical discomfort or inconvenience.

  * Pregnant women are likely to sweat easily. Therefore, it is best to choose a material that absorbs sweat and breathes. In addition to the outer clothes that need to be replaced, pregnant women’s underwear must be changed through body changes.

  * For the sake of safety, and to avoid the problem of back pain, pregnant women should wear low-heeled shoes or flat shoes instead of dangerous high-heeled shoes.

  8. Reading pregnancy and parenting books to be a mother is not a simple matter. From the beginning of pregnancy, all kinds of problems, large and small, have emerged. Therefore, many novice mothers will be full of vitality about the birth of a new life.I don’t know how to cultivate a healthy baby, what ability to have, etc.

  Prospective moms are advised to read a lot of related magazines, books or attend moms’ classrooms from the beginning of pregnancy. I believe that they can have the opportunity to become a good pregnant woman.

  9. Periodic birth checkup * Periodic birth checkup is the most basic and important schedule for pregnancy. Through multiple birth checkups, mothers can learn more about changes in the fetus and precautions.

  * Through regular birth check, doctors have the opportunity to detect abnormal problems early, so that pregnant moms can spend their pregnancy in October with peace of mind.
  * If pregnant mom has any questions about pregnancy and birth, you can write it down in advance.
When using the birth check, ask your doctor to reduce confusion.

  * And there are usually several ultrasound photos during the birth check. Novice parents can get close to their baby through the opportunity and believe that the new life will be more full of expectations.

  10, the law of life, do not stay up late * During the night stay up, people’s resistance decreases, physical strength is poor, the skin becomes worse, and other shortcomings, pregnant moms must have a healthy body to conceive a healthy baby.

  * The life expectancy of mother-to-be, the baby in the abdomen is naturally easy to follow the mother’s physical condition and have a good rest schedule. After birth, the night owl is less likely to have disordered rest.

  Pregnant moms should maintain good sleep, do not stay up late, and have a good diet.

In this way, pregnancy disorders such as insomnia and headache can also be avoided.

  11, pay attention to fetal movement pregnant women from 18?
Fetal movement can be felt in about 20 weeks. It is a reference indicator for the mother to feel the safety of her baby, especially at 28 weeks of pregnancy?
Week 38 is the most obvious month of fetal movement.

Therefore, mothers can pay more attention to fetal movement from the 7th month of pregnancy.

  * In principle, if the baby has more than three fetal movements within one hour, or 30 within 12 hours?
40 fetal movements are normal.

  * If the pregnant woman notices that the number of fetal movements of the baby is significantly reduced, or if the fetal movement is stopped for a long time, it should be noted that there may be a problem in the fetus, and you should go to the hospital for inspection immediately.

  12, do skin care * During pregnancy, due to changes in the physical fitness of pregnant women, sebum secretion will be more vigorous, resulting in some pregnant mommy’s face is more prone to oil, and prone to acne problems.

  * If the condition is serious, in addition to changing care products, you can also seek appropriate treatment from a dermatologist.

  * Some people may experience dry and itchy skin. At this time, pay special attention to moisturizing work.

  * When expectant mothers take a bath in winter, the water temperature should not be too high. Use soap or shower milk as little as possible.

  * Excessive sun exposure during pregnancy may exacerbate the occurrence of pregnancy spots. Therefore, pay attention to sun protection when going out.

  * In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, traces of stretch marks may appear on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc. Therefore, it is best to apply pregnancy cream frequently and use appropriate massage to reduce the occurrence of lines.