The most popular yoga weight loss moves in spring

The most popular yoga weight loss moves in spring

Winter temperatures are very low, and many MMs are reluctant to go out.

But the beautiful coat couldn’t cover the annoying excess meat on the body.

Don’t panic, in the early spring season, come and sit indoor for bodybuilding exercise-yoga!

For the beauty of spring, and of course, health, we ca n’t “cat” anymore. From now on, let yoga lose weight with you in a bodybuilding battle . 1. Leg weight loss method. Legs separated by 30 cm.With your toes forward and your arms outstretched, parallel to the ground.

Inhale, lift, and forward with your toes; exhale, squat, and slowly place your hips on your heels, keeping them straight forward and your toes on the ground.

Breathe normally, move for 5 seconds, inhale, and stand up.

Exhale, relax and repeat again.

  Role: Fantastically change the shape of the thigh leg and enhance leg strength.

  2, waist and back weight loss methods: body upright, legs open, focus on the anus.

Hold your hands high above your head. The distance between your palms is about the width of your head.

Slowly turn the waist forward, the upper body and arms also follow, trying to straighten the back.

Rotate slowly, and slowly put your hands down when facing forward.

Take a break and do the same to the other side.

  3, waist and abdomen weight-loss method: stand upright, legs apart about 1 meter, toes forward.

Take a deep breath, slowly raise your left hand over your head, exhale, and slowly lean your body to the right. Place your right hand on the side of your right leg and breathe normally.

Breathe deeply, slowly reset your body, exhale, lower your arms, and relax.

Swap the right arm and do the same.

7 misunderstandings of the elderly’s health and health

7 misunderstandings of the elderly’s health and health

Years are stimulating, many people will think that when people are 50 to 50 years old, their healthy bodies will slowly lose.

In fact, this is falling into the misunderstanding of physical aging.

The elderly are healthy and healthy, and they must not believe these rumors. Let’s take a look.

  Myth #1: As you progress through age, you will lose intelligence. Nearly half of the Americans over the age of 85 are obese Alzheimer’s.

  But people can completely reduce the possibility of losing intelligence in old age through some preventive measures.

Start with the diet first.

Several studies have shown that those who consume high-fat, high-saturated fatty acids and high-cholesterol foods have at least tripled the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The consumption of whole-grain foods, fruits, vegetables, melon seeds and nuts is a great alternative because they provide fiber and antioxidants that keep the arteries unobstructed and deliver excess blood to the brain.

  Myth 2: You don’t need to have as many sleeps as young people. Old people are not made of special materials. Like young people, you need the same amount of sleep to rest and restore energy.

Older people need 7-9 hours of sleep a day, but it is often difficult for older people to go to sleep and sleep.

Therefore, the researchers suggest that if you have sleep problems, go to the doctor and ask for help.

  Myth #3: It’s too late to get older. Evidence shows that exercise has the same impact on the health of the elderly as it is for young people.

One study showed that mortality was inversely proportional to the number of calories burned per week.

Fitness can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, increase your endurance and make you sleep better.

  Myth 4: If you are old, you have to give up running. Unless years of running sports have damaged your pedaling and joints, you should continue to open your knees and step on the road.

Although this is a high-impact activity, you don’t have to give up as long as you run in a way that is good for your body.

  Fischer, a sports expert at Fairleigh Dicks University in the United States, said that the elderly should always pay attention to their bodies and find that they are changing their training methods or frequency.

For example, before suffering from chronic arthritis, the number of running six times a week is reduced to three or four times.

  Myth 5: When you are old, you will have a hunchback. If your bones are strong, you will not hunchback.

Humpback is caused by osteoporosis, so you can prevent osteoporosis by eating calcium and calcium foods, walking exercises, etc., so as to prevent hunchback.

  Myth 6: You will say goodbye to the muscles. The American Fitness Association data shows that after 20 years of age, most people lose about 200 grams of muscle each year, but they can be reduced by strength training.

  One of the major drawbacks of strength training is the formation of muscle masses that help to lose weight. This benefit does not change with age.

  Myth 7: Weight gain causes most women to gain 4 during menopause.

5 kg.

But this is not to say that the weight gain can be exercised for 40-60 minutes a day, so that every time you burn 300-400 cards, you can help you maintain a charming body.

Look at his character from his expression

Look at his character from his expression

First, a long sigh. He is a man with an impatient personality. He likes to express. After reaching the summit, he needs to express his feelings. Although it is not pride, he feels that it will be more pleasant.

Kind of man, more cheerful and outspoken.

Orgasm is also a kind of expression of life for him. He does not conceal his moment of happiness and regret, so a complicated long sigh, draws a happy exclamation mark for his orgasm!

He likes to drive straight into the air, make it in one go, and enjoy the pleasure.

In life, he pays attention to efficiency, is not procrastinating, and is more sincere.

  Hope partner: shout with him, he likes your happy response, but also the best encouragement for him.

Don’t be dumb as silent as eating Coptis chinensis, and be as flowery as possible.

  Second, the shy type he feels a little regret and shame for the “fried rice” that he has just been “狰狞” or lingering or wild or nauseating. He is a sultry, usually decent, and rules, but when making love, he seems like “Beast “helped, and suddenly became angry, impulsive, or ridiculous.

Therefore, after his climax, he recovered his consciousness in the upper body and became awake and embarrassed.

At this time, he was funny and cute.

  Hope partner: own him, don’t say anything; or you are more shy than him.

Don’t make noise, rap, talk.

  Third, he is discouraged by some nihilism, some see through the red dust, feel that all the hard work or hard work, and finally nothing more than an intentional ending, so he feels lost, and thinks that the good things of men and women are nothing more than good.

Such men are somewhat negative and pessimistic. He may be more thoughtful, but sensitive, easy to give up, and impatient.

His fatal injury was a lack of fighting spirit.

Making love to him was a two-day test. The moment he fell from heaven to earth, he couldn’t hate to practice Buddhism.

In bed, I like some procrastination, because for him, the peak is the beginning of the fall.

  Hope partner: Spread your happiness and smile with a smile to save his ruined mood.

Do n’t say anything trivial, keep love small, keep the temperature on a certain scale, and keep it constant for 30 minutes.

  Fourth, the hypocrisy type immediately pulled the quilt to cover the “ugly”, excuse “sleepy” and fell down to sleep, or Zhuge Liang afterwards without a lot of reasons, similar to “how can I do this”, as if he was not a true self just now, subconsciouslyHere, I feel that sexuality is not decent, so I keep saying some digressions and diverting my attention, not too disrespectful to the woman’s feelings at this time and her desire to continue talking.

Such men lack a sense of responsibility, like to shirk, and dare not assume responsibility.

Moreover, fear of the truth, so in life, often face problems by evasion, rather than solving problems by finger.

If he was eating out, he would regret it on the spot; even if it was homework, he would make a flick and express consciousness.

  Hope partner: praise him for his strength, and affirm his efforts, do not try to stir up his tired nerves, let it be.

  Fifth, contented double jaw crimson, breathing and soothing, or closing her eyes to keep her soul, or clinging to her, the expression of aftertaste, happiness, and even a bit of collapse, intoxicated.

Such a man may not be good at words, but he is full of heart and enjoys life, women and love.

He is a tortoise, giving the illusion that “making love will be difficult.” In fact, he is the most practical walker, saves money, does not waste, but can be romantic to the bones.

He is a man who cares for his family, understands the philosophy of happiness of “love me all”, and enjoys the most.

  Hope partner: Give him a warm feeling, be kind, be gentle, don’t say “I want” or take the opportunity to blackmail.

  Sixth, he is still full of ambition and ambitious.

Such a man would dare to act in the sunshine and would call the bed.

In my life, I am an open-minded and enthusiastic person who is willing to help, make friends, and be generous and bold.

It has more male charm, has a strong desire to conquer in bed, and likes to play “Sanjiro in one night”. It is perfect and never sloppy.

He might suggest to keep up in the bathtub, he will make it difficult for women to refuse.

  Hope partner: push the boat along the water, but the water can flow long.

Don’t refuse to be impatient or impatient, don’t be indifferent to saying “Sleep” is all good.

  Seven, Lai Pi type has a coffee headless personality, childish.

He will make some jokes to continue the atmosphere, some tickles and amusement, such as coquetry: “Baby, help me pinch my back.”Or rely on her to pretend to die.

This kind of man is more anticipatory and somewhat valuable and naive, but it is also easy to be frivolous. In life, the resistance to temptation is slightly worse.

He may like sister-to-sister love, and sometimes wants the woman to serve him, but in sex, this kind of man is easy to “laugh.”

  Hope partner: When making love, always stay “young”, your passion is his best motivation.

Don’t let go of it conservatively, play with him, and give yourself a break.

  Eight, self-deprecating type he would say: “I’m dying, I’m happy!

“Or” Why is happiness so fast?

“Or humorously:” I am not entertained, please bear with me!

“But he generally does not ask old questions such as verifying how powerful he is:” Are you comfortable? “: “Aren’t you so embarrassed by men?

Or he would ask, “Baby, why do I kiss and thirst more and more?”

In short, this kind of man is poor, has language talent, and likes to appease a woman’s heart with cold jokes.

  Hope that the partner: using his body to respond to his words, can also respond.

Don’t ridicule, learn to support him with a sweet smile.