Neck and shoulder pain can try the back of the head top wall exercise

Neck and shoulder pain can try the back of the head top wall exercise

Mr. Zhang, a reader from Fengtai District: Recently, I always feel severe neck and shoulder pain. Do experts have any good exercise methods besides taking medicine?

  Professor Xu Jianguo, chairman of the Professional Committee of Pain Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association: If you feel pain in the neck, shoulders, waist, back, etc., you must first avoid repeated desks, and it is best to take a break every hour.

Suggest that you can try to do cervical exercises, the method is: exercise the back of the head against the wall, hold it for several minutes each time, then release, and then repeat.

Or do shoulder-shrug exercises and head m-shaped exercises (suitable for neck and shoulder muscle acidity, swelling, tiredness, pain and other symptoms).

The m-shaped movement requires the head to move in the radial direction, but the head should not be turned in a circle.

The right side tilts in one direction, stays for 5 seconds, then stands upright for 5 seconds, and then tilts in the next direction for 5 seconds, repeating 8 directions in this way.

  In addition, it is recommended that you better adhere to aerobic exercise for more than 1 hour every day, such as jogging, brisk walking, ball sports, cycling, etc., and exercise flexibility appropriately.

What should parents do when their children quarrel?

What should parents do when their children quarrel?

Children playing together will inevitably have quarrels due to snatching toys, snacks, etc. What should parents do when children quarrel?

  Why do children quarrel?

  The quarrel between children, in addition to the apparent reasons we see, such as scramble for toys, snacks, etc., is also related to the family environment and parent’s education.


Imitating parents and children of TV movies are very capable of imitating. If parents at home often quarrel, or if they often watch violent film and television works, they can easily imitate in life and form rough and rude bad characters.


Doting and education Many parents now love their children very much. The whole family turns around their children alone. This makes it easy to develop a “self-centered” character. It is easy to have friction when dealing with children.

Other parents are afraid that their children will suffer. They will teach their children to “fight back if someone bullies you.” Such indulgence will also make it easier for children to have disputes with their children or even fight.


Children cannot deal with contradictions. After all, children are small and do not know how to resolve contradictions. When they want to insist on their opinions but cannot convince the other party, they can only solve the problem through quarrels.

  What should parents do when their children quarrel?


Don’t hurry to interfere with some parents who are afraid that their children will suffer. When they see a quarrel with other children, they will “support the child” for the first time, but this will only allow the child to develop a “only self-respect” character.

When we find that children are quarreling, parents must first stay calm, understand the ins and outs of the matter, and then need to handle it properly.


Distracting children ‘s attention Children ‘s attention is actually very easy to divert. When there is a quarrel between children, we can first take one of the children off the scene, or attract them with other children ‘s attraction, so as to come up with newWith toys, books or snacks, attention is shifted, and the bickering will naturally stop.


Let the children resolve the conflicts between themselves. Sometimes the conflicts between parents can intensify the conflicts, so we must learn to let go and let the children resolve the conflicts themselves.

Letting children analyze right and wrong themselves, letting them resolve contradictions themselves, can also help them learn the ability to analyze and solve problems, and also help them learn to deal with relationships properly.


Preserving the child’s dignity If a quarrel is at fault with our own children, we must let the children recognize their mistakes, but we must pay attention to the way of criticism.

Although the child is small, he also has self-esteem. When criticizing the child, do not use sarcasm, insulting criticism of the personality and personality of the child, let alone hit the child in front of everyone, so as not to leave a psychological shadow on the child.

How to protect the cervical spine during yoga practice?


How to protect the cervical spine during yoga practice?

The cervical spine often has problems. I do n’t know if you have no experience with the pillow?

I woke up in the morning and found that my neck couldn’t move, or was it painful to turn my neck?

This is commonly known as falling pillow.

Most people explain that falling pillows are caused by poor posture during sleeping, and some people who Chinese medicine thinks they fall shoulders are due to poor blood circulation.

  What is the reason for the absolute fall? From the painful experience of many people, it is usually the part where the condition occasionally occurs.

However, we usually do not pay attention to maintaining it, and it is no wonder that it occasionally complains.

  If you know that the two most important bones that support our body, the spine, are the two most frequently affected parts, one is the lumbar spine and the other is the cervical spine, then you know that it is also important to pay attention to posture and maintain it.

Why are these two spines most often spurs and ectopic?

Because they are the two most rotatable segments in our spine.

We can easily rotate the azimuth 180 degrees, and the lumbar spine can also be rotated 90 degrees, but I don’t think anyone can turn the thoracic spine 90 degrees alone, right?

  Because the cervical spine has a large range of motion, it is very important to have a short length of only a few knots.

It not only protects the head from arterial and venous infections, but also contains trachea and glands.

If there is a major cervical spine problem, how serious it is.

  In addition, the specific problem is not just neck discomfort, it will progress to the head and down to the shoulders and hips.

Can solve neck problems, your headache, tight head and too much pressure, at least it can be replaced.

  Maintenance method The maintenance method is very simple, usually rotate it to reset, do not let it stay in a fixed position for too long.

Some people have been using computers for a long time, just staring at the screen in front of them. They have hardly touched the whole day. One day is okay. One month and two months are fine. One year, I think his cervical spine will be normal.I’m afraid it will be difficult.

  However, be careful when turning transparency, and don’t use excessive force.

Some people are accustomed to twisting their necks and twisting the inserts so that they can loosen their shoulders and necks.

As everyone knows, this is a very dangerous move. It may be that his shoulders and neck are stiff that day. If he can’t twist it like usual, it will easily happen.

  Therefore, I suggest that when you wake up in the morning or when it is cold, and you keep the same posture for a long time, you should start to turn your head and meditate on the principle of “slow, big”.

The first lap, the slower the second lap, the better.

And imagine your chin drawing a big circle in the air.

If the neck and neck are particularly tight, you can stay there for one to three more breaths.

Remember to turn clockwise, and do it counterclockwise.

  Points for Attention to Asanas Some literatures on yoga asanas, if you do not pay attention, you may feel shoulders and neck tension when you return home.

So I have repeatedly reminded that in yoga, pay more attention to the posture of this part, and the key to relax at any time.

  Many people often twist the neck too much, which is the main cause of shoulder and neck discomfort after asana.

For example, when leaning back, you will unconsciously suppress it and let your eyes see the rear.

If you look at your side from the mirror, you will find that the curvature of the entire spine to the neck is larger, as if the neck is twisted.

  When doing the cobra pose, many people have the same situation, that is, the neck is bent back too much.

Not to mention camel, bow.

  To avoid this fact, when doing asanas (not just leaning back), please always tell yourself that your chin should be slightly retracted to lengthen the cervical spine and keep the entire back spine in a natural state.

For back-and-back-like movements, the spine should be smoothly curved, not deformed to the neck.