What will a lover do after having sex?

What will a lover do after having sex?

What will he do after you have sex?

Please select: A.

Have a drink together and chat B.

Be gentle and keep talking sweetly.

Wash his hair and take a shower and start doing his own thing. D.

He fell asleep and whispered to Tianming E.

Smoke a cigarette and watch TV F.

The person who organizes his clothes and then quickly leaves the result analysis and chooses A. He is a man who loves life and is full of happiness and ideals. He likes to be on the same front with each other, that is, a couple in the same country. They have their own ideals.Dreams can be realized together. In daily life, we can take care of each other and encourage each other. On the road of love, he is enthusiastic and sincere, hoping to express his love.

He is very friendly and proportionate to the opposite sex. He likes to be liked and welcomed, and deep inside, he longs for an eternal affection.

  The person who chooses B is a gentle and considerate lover on the surface. In fact, he is very sensitive, and often cannot bear to let go of some emotions, and it gives you a headache. In addition, his sensitive and emotional personality makes you seeIn my eyes, I feel sad.

And his tenderness is a confusion you can’t resist. His carefulness and respect for you will soon put you in a troubled net, and the deeper the love, the more painful.

  The person who chose C, he is a “cold-headed” love killer, because he knows the “rules of love” very clearly, mainly based on his own feelings and loyal to his emotions.

He is eager to fall in love with his “favorite”. Therefore, for other “second love” or his lover who actively pursues him, he will not bring too much affection. When will it be replaced by him, he will completely control himIn his hands, that is, when his real “favorite” appears, you have no room to restore his heart.

If you are his “favorite”, his strong possessiveness will often overwhelm you, because he is afraid to lose you.

  The person who chose D, he is a man with a lot of old feelings. Don’t look at him who doesn’t care much about things, and accept the geography of course to accept the status quo. You can see in your eyes, and sometimes you are really angry.

He does n’t pay much attention to the atmosphere and mood for sex. For your feelings, if you do n’t say it, he may not know it for a lifetime, so try to communicate with him and tolerate his “satisfaction with the status quo” because he is actuallyHe is a family and affectionate person.

  The person who chooses E is a lover of great man’s importance. Sometimes in life, he will pick you, even limit your words and deeds, and criticize your clothing style. In fact, he is just “hitting” yourConfidence, I hope you can give priority to his opinions and listen to his views and practices.

He likes you to be a “reactive” lover, and his enthusiastic response will make him feel very respectable and satisfy his great man-like vanity.

He is a man who occasionally steals fish. He thinks this is harmless. Unless he cares about you, he will admit to you wrong, otherwise he will be complacent.

  The person who chooses F is a person who is not easily “responsible”. Loyal to his “measures” will divide love into several levels, such as “the future can be married”, “just a fixed sexual partner”, everything”Results” are all based on his subjective standards. If he wants to compromise with him, it takes a long time and unlimited patience.

However, there is a great possibility that he will choose a woman who is not very in love with him on the eve of marriage, but he is very companion of “worth”.

6 precautions for morning exercise

6 precautions for morning exercise

The morning is suitable for exercise, and the air is fresh and comfortable. Many elderly people have joined the morning exercise team. In fact, the elderly must pay attention to some taboos, otherwise the more the exercise, the more harmful the body.

Now let ‘s take a look at the 6 important points for the morning exercise for the elderly.

1. Should not empty the elderly with slow metabolism, relatively slow blood flow in the morning, blood pressure, and low body temperature.

Before morning exercise, you should drink some hot drinks, such as milk, egg soup, etc. to replenish moisture, increase calories, and accelerate blood circulation.

2. It is not appropriate to raise the temperature often in the morning. If you leave the house prematurely, the elderly will be cold and prone to colds and colds, and some elderly people with chronic diseases will easily get worse.

3, should not be exposed to outdoor activities in the morning should choose to shelter from the sun, warm and quiet, fresh air in the wilderness, parks and other places, do not run against the wind, do not reduce clothing activities, and can not take off the body to exercise.

After sweating, never take off your clothes and let the cold wind blow.

4. It is not advisable to wake up early in the morning due to muscle relaxation and stiffness of joint ligaments, so you should gently move your joints before twisting, twist your waist, relax your muscles, and prevent accidents caused by excessive movement.

5. It is not advisable to eat immediately after morning exercise, as it is susceptible to rehabilitation diseases such as indigestion.

It is generally best to eat after 20 to 30 minutes of morning exercise.

6, it is not appropriate to make up the cage sleep after morning exercise, fatigue generally occurs, some people think that going to bed after morning exercise, “make up sleep” is a combination of work and rest.

In fact, this will not only affect the effect of morning exercises, but also not good for your health.

The old Chinese medicine health network warmly reminds: the elderly must choose the weather in the morning exercise, do not go out in haze days or cooling seasons, so as to avoid contracting the disease and achieving the purpose of physical fitness.

House Homemade Wrinkle Mask


House Homemade Wrinkle Mask

Inadvertently, wrinkles have quietly appeared in the corners of the eyes, forehead or other parts.

For wrinkles, the beauty of women is deeply hated.

There are many reasons for the formation of wrinkles, such as insufficient body and skin moisture, excessive sun exposure, and improper use of cosmetics.

So how do we get rid of wrinkles?

Next, I will introduce to you how to make a wrinkle-removing mask and get rid of wrinkles with ease ~~ Honey white lotus root mask: Material: 10 grams of white lotus root, 10 grams of white lotus root, appropriate amount of honeyAdd water and honey and mix well, and wash after 20 minutes.

  Tips: This mask has wrinkle removing, freckle removing and whitening effects. It is suitable for patients with facial pigmentation or yellowish brown spots.

  Milk olive oil moisturizing and anti-wrinkle mask: Material: 1 tablespoon of milk, add a few drops of olive oil and a small amount of flour Method: Mix the milk, olive oil and flour evenly, apply it on a clean surface, and wash with warm water after drying.

  Hint: This facial preparation has the effect of reducing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity.

  Honey tomato mask: Material: tomato, appropriate amount of honey, a small amount of flour Method: First crush the eggplant to extract the juice, add an appropriate amount of honey and flour and flour to make a paste, apply to the surface and keep it for 20-30 minutes before washing.

  Tips: This mask has the functions of moisturizing, whitening, and softening the skin, and it can also remove skin spots and wrinkles and treat skin ulcers after long-term use.

  Honey egg mask: Material: 1 egg white, 20 grams of honey Method: Stir the eggs in a bowl until foaming, then add 20 grams of honey and mix thoroughly.

After bathing, apply it evenly on the skin and hands, allow to air dry, and wash with water after 30 minutes, twice a week.

  Tips: This mask can moisturize and remove wrinkles, maintain beauty, and have the effect of nourishing and whitening the skin. Honey olive oil mask: Material: 100 grams of honey, 50 grams of olive oil. Method: Mix the honey olive oil, heat at 40 ℃, stir,Mix well.

When using, apply the mixed cream to gauze, cover the face, remove and wash after 20 minutes, 2 weeks a week?
3 times.

  Tips: This mask can prevent skin aging, eliminate wrinkles, moisturize and freckle, especially dry skin.

  Honey milk mask: Material: 10 grams of honey, 10 ml of fresh milk, 1 egg yolk Method: Mix the honey, fresh milk, and egg yolks evenly to make a paste, apply to the face after washing your face, and wash off after 20 minutes, once a day.
  Tips: This mask can nourish the skin, prevent wrinkles on the face, and cause skin tenderness.

  Milk strawberry mask: Material: 50 grams of strawberries, 1 cup of fresh milk Method: mash the strawberries, filter with double gauze, take the juice into fresh milk, stir and take the strawberry milk on the face and replace the massage, keepWash the milk around the face and neck for about 15 minutes.

  Tip: According to records, this beauty milk is one of the ancient Swiss skin care recipes, which can moisturize and clean the skin, has a mild astringent effect, and also has anti-wrinkle effects.