There is a special group of people on Wudang!

Unless the world is in chaos, they will not see them.

There is a special group of people on Wudang!
Unless the world is in chaos, they will not see them.

In China, there is a religion called Taoism. Taoism was born more than 2,000 years ago. It was established as a ancestor in Laos. It was already in the pre-Qin period. These people are proficient in many metaphysics and health and the ability to hang the pot. In general, it will notEasy to go down the mountain.

In this troubled world, these people will take the world as their own responsibility, and down the mountain to relief, in the Three Kingdoms period, there is a very famous person called Zhuge Liang, and he is a Taoist disciple, originally wanted to help the Han room, but ultimately defeated.
In the Tang Dynasty, there was a huge disaster that was the chaos of Anshi. The world only knew that Guo Ziyi had settled the rebellion, but he did not know that it was Li Obesity. This person was the main hero of Ping An’s chaos. He experienced four dynasties in his life, and heThe identity is a Taoist.

When he arrived in the Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen was also a Taoist origin. Therefore, these people appeared in troubled times, and disappeared after the prosperous times. They were rarely seen by the world, and the Buddha’s prosperous world was in the opposite direction.They are the mountains of the prosperous times and the mountains in the chaos.

There are such a group of people in Wudang Mountain in China. These people don’t know what they are doing, but many people go to the mountains to see a doctor. These priests don’t collect money. Sometimes they will go down the mountain to help the people to treat the disease free of charge. As for other skills, they are not aware.It is.

Support your health with your heart

Support your health with your “heart”

Running around in the workplace, maybe fierce competition and cruel assessment will quickly bend you, there is no way, this is work!
Everything has to continue.
After the anxiety on Sunday night, the new week still started; I really don’t want to see the boss’s face again, and I have to respect and respect every day . What else can change?
Only mentality.
In fact, when your mentality changes and your mental health becomes better, people will change accordingly.
  Standards of Mental Health 1.

Have a sense of security in life, because security is the most basic need.
Make proper judgments about your abilities, and do not do work beyond your abilities.
Life goals are realistic and avoid unnecessary frustration.
Stay in touch with the outside world and enrich your life.
Maintain the integrity and harmony of personality and maintain good interpersonal relationships.
Have a certain learning ability in order to update the knowledge structure and take less detours to achieve more success.
Be able to express and control your emotions moderately.
Unpleasant emotions must be released to achieve psychological balance.
But we must not vent too much, otherwise, it will not only affect our own lives, but also aggravate interpersonal conflicts, which will not be beneficial to our physical and mental health.
Give full play to your talents and hobbies, but you must not hinder the interests of others or harm the interests of the group.
  Don’t let your heart be affected. Unhealthy people often have symptoms of psychological stress or fatigue.
If psychological pressure is not alleviated and eliminated for a long period of time, it will have a variety of adverse consequences.
The first is the impact on physical and mental health, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, dizziness, etc., all related to psychological tension and psychological stress; second, the depression, anxiety, and aggressiveness to people caused by excessive psychological stressBad mentality will directly affect people’s daily life, work and study.
  When psychological stress occurs, if it is not adjusted and channeled, adverse reactions will occur.
Therefore, when you feel irritable, depressed, and nervous, you may wish to use proper airing, sports, tourism, and confession methods to guide you.
  1.Healthy laughter is the best way to eliminate fatigue; 2.
Silence helps to lower blood pressure, it is best to remain silent when it is not necessary to speak; 3.
Slowing down the pace of life can help relieve tension; 4.
Calmly deal with all kinds of complex problems, do wrong things, don’t be indifferent, in fact, everyone can make mistakes; 5.
Don’t be afraid to admit that you have limited abilities and learn to say “No” when appropriate; 6.
To treat the future, we must believe that “there must be a road to the mountain”.
  Psychological balance is not equal to mental health. People generally think that psychological balance represents mental health. In fact, mental health is not a state of balance and adaptation. It is the middle position between the two poles of psychology.
If “balance” is health, then a person who satisfies the status quo, has no pursuit, and is not aggressive is well-balanced internally because he will not have frustration and no conflict, but this cannot be regarded as mental health.
If “adaptation” is health, then some people in the society now talk to others and talk about ghosts, which is not mental health.In fact, these two kinds of people can only be called the main shaft shell without a soul, or the market educated.

  Mental health is ultimately an attitude to life.

People who are mentally healthy look at the world in a positive light and see things around them.

  Taking off colored glasses, waving anxiety, scars, emotional stress and anxiety caused by anxiety can also target many people. Headache, dizziness, soreness, weakness, stiff neck, difficulty falling asleep, easy dreaming, dry mouth, depressed chest, sometimes heartbeatIt soon seemed to be out of breath, sometimes it was bloating, too much stomach, poor appetite, sometimes hot, sometimes cold hands and feet, habitual diarrhea or frequent urination.

If you have these symptoms and you cannot find the cause, it is likely that you have an autonomic nervous disorder.

Psychologist Emmer proposed the “three A method”: understand: first of all, you must admit your own mental depression; secondly, you must pay attention to your emotional changes, whether your words and behaviors are abnormal, as well as the differences in feelings and thinking and physical responses.

  Answer: Learn to identify and record every time an error occurs.

Ask yourself: “Is this true?

Then ask yourself: “What do you think from another perspective?”

“Action: If you feel unnoticed, then you change to a new way; if you are not comfortable at work, you should take a course to improve your skills or find a new job.

Plan more activities to regularize your life.

See if you are single to old

See if you are single to old


Can you keep your room clean and tidy?



No-3 2.

Do you often go out alone in your spare time?



No-5 3.

Do you often communicate with your parents?



No-7 4.

At a friend’s party, do you mind if you do n’t have a partner?



No-9 5.

Do you have more than three close friends?



No-10 6.

Do you have problems late?



No-10 7.

Do you think women should do more housework?



No-11 8.

Do you have frequent dating experiences?



No-14 9.

Do you have a secret crush?



No-13 10.

If you are alone, you will look envious when you see others coming out.  ?


No-15 11.

Do you often go to the movies alone or hang out on the street?



No-15 12.

Would you feel sore when you walk into the palace of marriage with someone who has had an emotional relationship with yourself?



No-A 13.

Do you get excited and show yourself more than usual when friends of the opposite sex are present?



No-D 14.

Do you pay more attention to saving?



No-C 15.

Do you often predict life in the siege for yourself?



No——D answer analysis A: Your personality is more cheerful and outgoing, and you are full of beautiful dreams about love life. Being single is just a helpless choice for you temporarily. In order to find the other half, you are really looking forward to it.It’s only a matter of time to say goodbye to being single. You have already made a good psychological preparation and may enter a happy two-person world at any time.

  B: You have a strong ability to live independently. External intervention will disrupt your inherent lifestyle. You have very high requirements for your dream life. It may be difficult to have a realistic and quantifiable standard and height.It’s still difficult for someone to really walk into your heart, break your heart from your single life, and start a new life.

Your chances of becoming a Super Diamond King are huge.

  C: Your thinking is a bit traditional, but the current social situation is often incompatible with your ideas, making it difficult for you to accept it. Although you are full of longing for love and marriage, your heart is more selfish and your own happiness requires others to pay.It can only be achieved, so your single is not completely out of obligation. You will work hard to change the status quo, resulting in a single status. Even if you end up in trouble and lower the standard, you will not make yourself a man.

  D: Your personality is old-fashioned and introverted. Your true thoughts of transforming yourself are deeply hidden. You seem to be full of hostility towards the world of two people and your marriage life. You are often immersed in your own inner world and enjoy the happiness and tranquility of one person.Come, you are lonely and mysterious. Unless someone can make you feel the beauty and strength that will completely conquer you, you will always live in your own world and become a mysterious castle in the eyes of outsiders.