Five common skin care problems for winter skin care!


Five common skin care problems for winter skin care!

The winter is cold, and the delicate skin is dry and cracked by the cold wind.

So what are the common skin care problems for winter skin care?

The editor of Ping An Health Network introduces common skin care phenomena and solutions!


Skin Care-Essence of pearls to drive away dry wrinkles: How did dry eyes appear in the afternoon before? Now I have a mirror before eating at noon, so obvious!

what should I do?

  Solution: In short, make up.

Everyone knows this reason, but if you just stay in the morning and apply eye cream before going to work, then you must be the dry-skinned girl this season.

Try to use moisturizing eye cream with functional eye cream to reduce dark circles and wrinkles. Use massage to fully absorb it to give a warm environment to the eye skin.

Of course, if you are concerned about the use of eye cream, it will be better to use moisturizing spray instead of moisturizing eye cream.

Moreover, the eye essence with massage beads launched by some brands is a must-have for you this season. The cold beads can no longer play a large role in puffiness of your eyes, or youThe hero who replenishes eye nutrition and water during the noon break, not only hydrates, but also refreshes!


Skin Care-Vitamin C drinks and moisturizing eye cream to solve the problem of mouth lip: I obviously apply lip balm every day, but these days it is always windy, and my lips are swollen, so can I apply lip balm every hour?

  Solution: Apply lip balm once an hour and you think it is moisturizing enough, but have you noticed that the more you apply it, the faster and faster it works.

In fact, skin care professionals tell us that too much lip balm products are used every day instead of lip balm.

The edge of the mouth becomes swollen and skin is always due to lack of water, and it is also related to the residual dimension C of your constitution.

A beauty expert nearby has recently discovered a secret recipe. Put a water-soluble vitamin C drink or fresh lemon soda on the mouth, make sure that the lips stay in the drink for a few seconds, then apply a circle of moisturizing eye cream around the lips, and then apply two moreLip hydrating products with good moisturizing effect ensure that you don’t have to worry about lip problems for a long time.


Skin care-Hand mask material problem: I started to use hand cream and applied it every time I washed my hands. But recently, there seemed to be a lot of burrs on my nails.It seems that I’m sad. Does the hand cream not work, do I have to use a hand mask?

  Solution: The burr on hand is still related to dryness and lack of vitamin C.

Hand cream is of course the main force and the usual fresh force.

You can help make hand masks not far from solving this problem.

We do n’t have to go to a beauty salon or buy a hand mask to make a distance. There are a lot of things around you that can be hand-made. It ‘s a good hand to make a hand mask.”Using olive oil for 5 minutes is a good and effective way to solve the thorns on the edge of the finger. Stick to it once a day, and it will definitely improve after 3 days.


Skincare-The overlapping layering problem before the foundation: I saw in the beauty magazine that I should use a moisturizing foundation in autumn and winter, and bought a bottle on purpose. It felt quite moisturized a while ago. Why does the hydration in my body disappear these days?

Occasionally there will be skin on both sides of the nose!

  Solution: This can only show that you are truly a big dry skin, handover in autumn and winter, a sudden decrease in breathing, less moisture in the air, and your skin is the same.

At this time, the skin care steps before foundation can no longer be omitted, in short, essences, lotions and creams are all indispensable.

Colleagues around you also have large dry skins like you. In autumn, she only needs essence and lotion. It is enough to add cream and come in lotion in this season.

There is also a way to add a gel-like moisturizing product to the foundation product and mix it in a ratio of 1: 3, which can also enhance the hydration feeling of the foundation.


Skincare-Change your shampoo habits to eliminate static electricity: Hair statics are present every year, this year seems to be particularly early.

I do n’t know if our hair is getting weaker or the wind in Beijing is getting tougher. I feel that this year ‘s static electricity came very early. Are there other tricks besides spraying nourishing water for hair?

  Solution: Spraying nutritional water should be the reset phase anytime and anywhere.

Just like our skin, static electricity is caused by dry hair and dry environment.

If you want to solve this problem, you have to pay special attention when washing your hair. You must apply shampoo on the palm of your hand or use a bath ball to foam and apply it to your hair.This can ensure that the hair scales are regularly divided, and it is not easy for the hair to become dry after the hair is dry, and it is not easy to be static.

Moreover, those water-locking moisturizing sprays can also solve the problem of dry static electricity for your hair. Put a bottle in your bag and car!


Five wonderful tonic work vitality

Five wonderful tonic work vitality

Do you have job burnout?


If the following symptoms exceed three, you will have a tendency to burnout!

  I just want to go to work. I have no enthusiasm for the work. I am very busy and empty. I have no achievements. I feel that my work has no future. I always want to open a travel website when I go to work. But I always have no time for vacation.I always feel that the boss ‘s locomotive is difficult for customers to see. If my colleagues are not pleasing to the eye, I always wonder if I am in the wrong line. I feel that the content of the job is boring. I often think of resignation. I changed jobs.Up to 70% of office workers have been attacked by “burnout”!

Burnout is like a chronic disease. It has only mild symptoms at the beginning, and is unmotivated and less motivated. However, once we ignore it for a long time, we turn around one day and we realize that we can no longer call back enthusiasm and feel no sense of work., Even more helpless, feeling violently struck!

All these emotions will lead to more stagnation and weakness in the workplace.

  However, in the face of the downturn in the general environment, it is difficult to find a good job. Compared to the heroic resignation, he patted his ass and walked away. I believe most people still think that it is more practical to find a way to work happily.

  Are you tired?

  Occupational burnout can occur for the following reasons: 1. Salaries cannot be broken: When the first salary of the fourth grader is similar to the salary of young people who just came out of modern society, do you thinkWhat about the future of work?

  2. I don’t see the hope of promotion: When there is little room for job growth and there is no clear and breakable goal in daily work, it will make people lose their enthusiasm and confidence for the job at the beginning.

  3. Conventional and simple work content: The change of work content is small. After regular adaptation and familiarization, things will get faster and faster, but more time will be given each day.

At the same time, it also means that the challenge of work is gradually disappearing, and we are tired and tired of the content of work.

  4. Interpersonal breakthrough: In the workplace, although the ability to work is important, the interpersonal relationship with colleagues and supervisors can not be ignored, and taking into account the best state.

  5. Self-achievement motivation improvement: For people who have higher intentions at work, they often work very hard and change themselves to set ambitious goals.

When the actual situation and the target gap fall, there will be a sense of frustration to overcome, and job burnout will quietly rise.

  6, panic about self-awareness: I am afraid that I am inadequate, I am afraid of layoffs, I am afraid that my colleagues are afraid of panic. In all ages, all walks of life will encounter.

It is usually beneficial to have a moderate sense of tension in your work, but being too nervous and worried may cause excessive psychological pressure.

 Finding new motivation for work “Heart disease must be treated with heart medicine”, this sentence is also very applicable to burnout.

  1. Physiologically: When you feel burnout, taking a moderate rest, relaxing, and temporarily leaving the work environment pressure is the fastest way to relieve it.

Compared with men, women are more successful when they are under pressure and can seek other ways to relieve stress. Drinking afternoon tea, being a SPA, and hanging out with friends to chat can all achieve the effect of expressing work stress.

  On the other hand, because of the influence of traditional education, men need to be strong in the workplace. When they encounter job burnout, their external performance is more depressed.

It is recommended that you start with getting out of the stressful environment and try to go beyond seeking assistance and shift your focus.

  2. Psychologically: “Being busy” is one of the easiest reasons for people to feel tired, so only rethinking work directions and goals and finding what you really want to do is the most important thing for job burnout.

Young workplace workers are most likely to have the problem of “don’t know what they really want to do”, but in fact, no matter at what stage, they should find their true interest, and then stride towards the goal afterwards, and be able toGo more down the road.

  3. Personality: If you always get used to thinking first and foremost, and accumulate frustrations on your body, you will not get out of the dead end.

When faced with work irregularities, in addition to maintaining an optimistic mind and possessing appropriate pressure adjustment skills, the body can naturally develop resistance to stress.

  4. Experience: In fact, job burnout is often related to life experience and workplace experience. Young novices will encounter job burnout, probably because they have not found a job they really want to do.Job burnout may occur due to salary or promotion space issues.

If there is a problem with the work content, it is recommended that you can directly discuss with your supervisor or seniors, and learn more from other people, which is a secret technique to quickly accumulate experience in the workplace.

  5. Conceptually: When you feel burnout, “turning thoughts” and “multiple thinking” are the most important ideas for everyone.

No longer “working for work” to find the true meaning in work and life.

When you find the meaning and value of your job, no matter what you do, you will feel that you are a very important screw in society, and naturally you will not have job burnout.

For example: In Japan, no matter what kind of profession, people value their work very much, even if others don’t pay attention, they will seriously and surely complete their duties. This is the importance and importance of self-career.

  Actually, the symptoms of burnout are about work 1?
Appears in about 2 years. When you encounter symptoms of burnout, first slow down a bit, let yourself rest and breathe, and then re-check your work content and results. If you are in the right direction, you can regain your work pleasure.And value.

  However, if you find that your current job is not really your favorite, you can also observe your own process in this way, go back to the next direction, and then move towards your new job goal.

From the long-term experience of observing workplace dynamics, supervisors do not want to find someone who works for work, or an employee who seeks work in order to avoid the previous job. Only by keeping the work ambition and enthusiasm forever can we abandon tiredness, laziness and createWin-win.

What to do if the newborn refuses the mother’s breast

What to do if the newborn refuses the mother’s breast

When breastfeeding a newborn, it is common for the baby to reject the mother’s breasts.

Depending on the cause, the solution is different, but there are basically four reasons and methods to summarize: (1) The mother’s breast may be swollen (excessive milk, pain, hardening) and make the newbornDifficult to suck.

  In this case, the mother can use a warm, soft and clean cotton towel to apply heat to the breast or soak the breast in hot water to reduce swelling, or try to squeeze some milk to make it slightly softer.It is easier to suck the nipples, and it will not reject the mother’s breasts.

  (2) The mother’s milk may be absorbed too quickly and the newborn will often choke when sucking.

  At this time, the mother can squeeze some milk first to reduce the pressure on the breast, so that the milk replacement will not be too rushing.

In addition, you can clamp your breasts with your middle and index fingers to complicate the flow of breast milk, so that you won’t hold your newborn and your baby won’t reject your mother’s breasts.

  (3) The mother’s breast may be covered on the nostril of the newborn, making it difficult for the baby to breathe.

  At this time, as long as the mother gently removes the breast from the baby’s face, the baby will be willing to feed.

  (4) The baby’s nose may not be ventilated, and breathing may be blocked during sucking, which may affect feeding.

  The solution is to clear the nasal secretions or use some nasal drops according to the doctor’s advice. Once the baby’s nose is ventilated, he will naturally milk normally.