Patting the body through the meridians can help treat the disease!

Patting the body through the meridians can help treat the disease!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that physical diseases are caused by the failure of the meridian. As long as the meridian is opened, it can help treat various diseases. The effect of patting and healing on different parts is also very different.

Patients need to discover the key points of slapping based on their condition.

  Chinese medicine suggestion: tapping the body can pass through the meridians and can help treat diseases!

  1. Facial and head diseases are patted on the two heads, the top of the head, the forehead and the back of the head, and can help treat tinnitus and deafness, eye diseases, headache, dizziness, transient facial paralysis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and the sequelae of stroke, Insomnia, dreams and depression.

  2, limbs, joints and cervical pain Chinese medicine believes that where the pain is, take a shot, cervical pain should be gently patted on the cervical spine.

In addition, arthritis, gout, and rheumatoids can be continuously slammed on the affected area.

Don’t worry too much when you slap hard, because these parts are far from the viscera. As long as you can bear the pain when you slap, you can alleviate the condition.

  3. Surgical diseases Patting on the axillary part, clavicle part, all big and small legs, arm and wrist joint parts, can help treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, sequelae caused by stroke hemiplegia, lung diseases, diseases, breast diseases and thyroid diseases.

If the lump in the breast is not a malignant tumor, you can pat the affected area directly.

  4. Gynecological diseases easily accumulate toxins in the roots of the thighs, and are also the site of nerve, lymph, meridian and blood vessel aggregation.

The thigh roots, thigh fractures, tibia and lower abdomen are usually beaten, which can help treat gynecological diseases and uterine fibroids, dysmenorrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation and urinary system diseases.

  5. Chronic diseases For chronic patients such as diabetes, obese body, gastrointestinal diseases, constipation and hemorrhoids, you can use the fists to pat on the inside and outside of the upper and lower legs, the obese area, the root of the thigh, the lower abdomen, etc.The root of the thigh can be cut with the shape of a knife by hand, which has a strong penetrating power, thus achieving the health effect.

  6, acute stomach pain and bloating in acute diseases, you can tap Zusanli points, acute syncope and heart disease can tap the arm parts of the inner gate, when the fever can be tapped on the large vertebra and the top of the head.

  Tips: Because the patients are different in age and condition, the time and frequency of tapping are also different.

The longer the time of each local tap, the better. If conditions permit, tap the part anytime, anywhere.

For healthy people, tap the whole body in sequence from head to toe, and tap each part for 5 minutes.

For people with lesions, focus on the lesions for 30 minutes.

Come and pay attention to our aging parts


Come and pay attention to our aging parts

Are wrinkles really scary?

When you see the first wrinkles in the mirror, will your heart beating?

In the hearts of every woman, there will be a myth that is not old.

However, skin anti-aging can only be a cruel reality. When it came silently, maybe you didn’t notice it.

  The skin of the eyes is the most delicate part of the skin. It is even the most prone to dryness and damage.

For people with dry skin, this problem is especially easy to manifest. The most obvious feature is the appearance of fine lines.

For those with oily skin, ignoring the dryness of the skin around the eyes is the easiest mistake you can make.

The aging of the skin around the eyes usually appears silently. When you really need maintenance, you may find that the skin around the eyes is obviously saggy and sagging, and the fine lines are causing the eyes to become less and less bright. Finally, the eye shape appearsThe changes make aging irreparable.

  Nose wing to lip circumference on the face of young women, you can hardly see its existence, but as you get older, the two deadly monsters next to the nose will become more and more obvious.

Decree lines are typical of aging skin tissue, which is a phenomenon that causes the skin surface to sag.

Astrology holds that the wrinkles of the nose can reflect the weight of a person’s speech, and the deeper the lines, the more weight a person has.

The real meaning of this sentence translation should actually be: You are high above you, you are already an elderly person.

  Distal and forehead skin Although the skin has only one third of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, repeated oil secretion, and difficulty in retaining moisture and other important aging potentials, it is also the easiest to ignore and eventually becomes a victim of bad habits.
In fact, its maintenance should start from the age of 20.

And sometimes, the wrinkles are not an important sign of aging. Some people have a wrinkle in their 20s, and some people may not see it for life.

There are basically only one anti-aging recipe for these two important parts that affect youth-think they exist and get rid of your bad habits.

26 kinds of herbal teas

26 kinds of herbal teas

“Medicinal tea” Chinese medicine is called “tea”, which is a combination of natural Chinese herbal medicine and tea (or without tea), brewing on behalf of the tea, or cooking, to relieve heat and detoxify, to maintain health or to treat diseases.

The development of medicinal tea began with tea, the so-called “tea replacement”, that is, the infusion form of tea, to play the role of traditional Chinese medicine.

Medicinal tea has the following major characteristics: simple and easy to obtain raw materials, convenient preparation, convenient use, significant curative effect and small substitution, etc., which is loved by people.

What needs to be outstanding is that different herbal teas have different prescriptions and different benefits. Consumers should choose their own herbal teas according to their own circumstances.

Some medicinal tea recipes suitable for summer and summer are now available.

  Bitter Gourd Jieshu Tea Cut the upper part of bitter gourd, dig out the melon scoop, add green tea, hang the melon in a ventilated place to dry in the shade, remove and wash, add the tea and chop, mix well, take 10 grams into the cup with boiling waterRush initial, stuffy for half an hour, can be mixed frequently.

This formula has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, and is suitable for heatstroke, thirst, irritability, and unfavorable urination.

  Chrysanthemum Longjing tea chrysanthemum 10 grams, 5 grams of longjing tea, and evenly put into a tea cup, pour into boiling water, cover and soak for 10 minutes and drink.

This prescription has the effect of evacuating wind-heat and clearing the liver, and has an adjuvant treatment effect on early hypertension, chronic hepatitis, wind-heat headache, and conjunctivitis.

  Ginger salt tea 2 slices of ginger, 4 grams of salt, 6 grams of green tea, put together in a cup and brew with boiling water for 30 minutes.

The formula has the effects of clearing away heat and moistening, and stomach and vomiting. It is suitable for thirst and drink, stomach upset, heart distress, polyuria and so on.

  Soho tea, basil leaves, mint leaves, mulberry leaves, gentian, reed root, and chrysanthemum are all equal parts.

This prescription has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, expelling wind and stagnation, and is suitable for exogenous wind and heat, severe fever, aversion to cold, sore throat, thick yellow phlegm and so on.

  6 grams of mint tea, 10 grams of codonopsis, 30 grams of gypsum, 3 grams of ephedra, 3 slices of ginger, chopped the above medicine, add an appropriate amount of water, fry the juice, filter and remove the residue to replace the tea drink.

This formula has the effect of relieving coldness and dispersing wind and heat, and is suitable for fever, headache, sore throat, unpleasant cough, chest tightness and asthma in summer.

  Double flower tea honeysuckle 15 grams, white chrysanthemum 10 grams, use boiling water to brew tea.

This prescription has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating heat and eliminating inflammation, and is suitable for influenza, irritability, acute enteritis and so on.

  Purslane tea fresh purslane 30 grams, pomegranate skin 15 grams, washed purslane and steamed for 5 minutes, smashed juice and pomegranate skin for 10 minutes, add sugar for a while.

This prescription has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-diarrheal effects, and can treat bacterial dysentery, acute inflammation, acute appendicitis, and functional uterine bleeding.

  Champagne tea patchouli, 15 grams each of Pelan leaves, add 4 to 5 cups of water, soak for half an hour, and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.

Take half a cup at a time, suitable for those with tightness in the chest, poor appetite or mild nasal congestion, or those who have white stools and white greasy stools.

Huoxiang and Peilan contain volatile oils, which can promote gastric secretion, enhance digestion, and inhibit certain viruses and bacteria.

  15 grams of cassia tea, 10 grams of prunella, stir-fry cassia seeds until slightly swollen, cool slightly after fragrant, shatter, shredded prunella, mix with boiling water, and drink after 10 minutes.

This formula has the functions of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, defecation, and lowering blood pressure, and is suitable for hypertension headache, acute conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, glaucoma, constipation and so on.

  20 grams each of linden bamboo tea leaves, fresh bamboo leaves, and reed roots, washed and cut into thick pieces, put 500 ml of water in the pot, cook for 15 minutes, remove the residue and filter the juice, add sugar and salt while it is hot.

This formula has the effect of clearing heat and regenerating jin, relieving cough and asthma, and is suitable for fever cough, sticky cough, low thirst and so on. It is also the best product of Qingshu.

  Black wheat ginseng tea, black ginseng, 10 grams each of Ophiopogon japonicus, 5 grams each of Chinese bellflower, and licorice root.

This formula has the effect of moistening the lungs and promoting hydration, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, and is suitable for deficiency of lung yin, itching, dry cough without phlegm, thirst and dry throat.

  15 grams of ginseng tea, ginseng, 10 grams of dendrobium, 5 grams of schisandra, cut the above medicine into coarse powder, and use boiling water to substitute tea.

The formula is beneficial to qi and vitality, nourishing yin and antiperspirant, and is suitable for fever and dryness of the tongue, dry stomach, pain in the stomach, less vomiting, less light on the tongue, shortness of breath in the elderly, dizziness and palpitations.The best product.
  Heatstroke herbal tea with scallions, 10 grams each of Pelan, 5 grams of tea, brewed with boiling water for 15 minutes.

This side has the functions of clearing away heat and relieving heat, removing turbidity and dampness, and relieving the appearance and the middle.

Especially suffering from the flu and mild “summer summer” (bitter summer), as a summer summer heat refreshing drink.

  Chrysanthemum tea white chrysanthemum 5 grams, honeysuckle, licorice, tea amount, brew with boiling water, cover and cover for 10 minutes.

This side has the function of eliminating nascent heat, clearing eyesight, and anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.

For fever, cold, headache, dizziness and other symptoms, especially those with high blood pressure.

The effect is mild and long-lasting. Children who have cripples can also take it. The effect is also good.

  6 grams of mint reed flower tea mint, 3 grams of flower tea, 100 grams of fresh reed root (washed and cut into sections).Take 1000ml decoction of water and boil, fry the mint in gauze for 5 minutes, filter and serve.

This formula is refreshing, refreshes, quenches thirst, refreshes the brain, not only for the heat-stroke injury, fluid loss and dry mouth, but also for those who are upset, but also suitable for sore throat and hoarseness.

  Three fresh lotus leaves, 50 grams of fresh bamboo leaves, fresh bamboo leaves, fresh mint, tea leaves, simmer for 10 minutes with sufficient water, filter, add honey, and cool offspring tea.

This side has the functions of clearing away heat and relieving heat, quenching thirst, detoxifying and cooling.

Long-term suffering can lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

  Red dates, lentils tea, red dates, 100 grams each of white lentils, 10 grams of black tea, boiled with plenty of water, and served as tea when cold.

This side has the functions of clearing heat and reducing heat, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening spleen and dampness, and can be used for a long time.

  Light bamboo leaf grass root tea 10 grams of light bamboo leaves, 30 grams of grass root, 5 grams of green tea leaves, put them in a thermos, and inject boiling water for 15 minutes.

This side has the function of clearing heat and purging fire, urinate, and can prevent heatstroke.

  Qingshu Mingmu tea white chrysanthemum, cassia seed and locust flower one each, Jianshui substitute tea, there are Qingrejieshu, clear liver and eyesight, moisturizing bowel.

This tea has a certain coffee aroma, which can be blended with tea from time to time.

Regular clothes can delay aging, keep fit, and lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, strengthen immunity, and have great development prospects.

  Oatmeal tea is made from 9 grams of Ophiopogon, Codonopsis, North American Ginseng, and Yuzhu, 6 grams each of Zhimu, Blackberry, and Licorice, ground into coarse powder, 50 grams of green tea powder, 1000 ml of sencha tea, and drink as tea after cooling.

Applicable to the prevention of summer vacations for diabetics in summer.

  Corn beard tea: 60g of corn shall be taken, 30g of green tea powder, 1000ml of sencha tea, and just cool down.

Or 100 grams of fresh corn, add 500 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, add 2 grams of green tea and soak, take its juice 3 times to metabolize, 1 to 2 doses per day.

Applicable to the prevention of summer vacations for diabetics in summer.

  50 grams of malt hawthorn tea malt malt, 15 grams of coke hawthorn, add 5 cups of water and soak for half an hour, take the decoction.

This prescription is suitable for anorexia, feces or adult hyperlipidemia, pediatric food accumulation, etc. can be suspended, but it should not be taken by lactating women (with mild rewetting effect).

Malt contains amylase, vitamin B, lecithin, and maltose; hawthorn contains malic acid and vitamin C, which has the functions of dilating blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and lowering blood lipids. The two medicine supplements increase digestive enzymes and help digestion.

  Lily Jujube Tea Lily Dry 20g (or 50g of fresh lily), soak for 4 hours, add 20 jujubes after boiling, add a small amount of white sugar and fry for serving.

Suitable for lung and stomach yin deficiency, thirst, dry lips, insomnia or dry cough, especially for patients with unexplained residual heat or gout.

It has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, and relieving the nerves.

Lily contains starch, protein, colchicine, and jujube contains vitamin C, B1, carotene, niacin, etc. The second medicine is accompanied by a nourishing and soothing effect.

  Goji chrysanthemum tea 20 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of white chrysanthemum, add 4 to 5 cups of water, immerse for half an hour in decoction, or directly drink with boiling water.

Suitable for dizziness and tinnitus.

This side has the function of calming the liver and yang, clearing the head.

Lycium barbarum contains betaine, carotene, niacin, vitamins B, C, etc., which has the effect of lowering blood sugar and anti-micro liver; white chrysanthemum can lower blood pressure and inhibit certain bacteria and viruses.

  Mung bean mint tea 50 grams of mung bean, add 5 cups of water, soak for 4 hours, fry until the mung bean blooms, take another 1 cup of water and boil, put 15 grams of mint leaves, leave the fire half a minute later, take the right amount of juice when takingTake with mung bean soup.

This prescription is suitable for irritating thirst or sore throat, short urination, pruritus, etc.

It has the effect of reducing heat and clearing heat, detoxifying and expelling wind.

Mung beans contain starch, protein, vitamin A, B1, B2; mint contains volatile oil (so it should not be taken for a long time), and it has antibacterial and antipruritic effects.

  Su Ye Chen Pei Tea Basil leaves, 15 grams each of Chen Pei, add 4 cups of water, soak for half an hour in decoction and soup service. This recipe is suitable for feeling cold, headache and nausea after eating cold, thin stools and white tongue greasy.

It has the functions of reducing heat and dampness, and regulating qi in wide and medium.

Su Ye leaves can promote sweat gland secretion, antipyretic effect, and can enhance metabolic peristalsis and digestive juice secretion; Chenpi contains flavonoid glycosides, fatty acids, etc., has the function of exciting the heart and reducing capillary fragility.

Both have a dual antibacterial effect.