[Some kinds of field snails cannot be eaten]_Eating and drinking taboos_Food taboos

[Some kinds of field snails cannot be eaten]_Eating and drinking taboos_Food taboos

In life, many people particularly like to eat snails, especially for some people who like to drink, they think that beer with snails is the best choice, and many people do not put the snail shells in the process of eating.The easiest way is to use a toothpick to poach the snail directly. The snail is the most popular way to put spicy flavors in the production process, but some snails are easy to poison after eating, then some kind ofCa n’t Tianluo eat it?

Tianluo and fungus cannot be eaten together. It is easy to be poisoned if eaten together. If you accidentally eat it by mistake, you can eat in the lotus room, which has the effect of detoxification.

Tianluo and pork are similar. If you accidentally eat them together, eyebrows can easily be replaced. If you eat green beans, you can treat them. For girls, if you want to take off your eyebrows and then draw eyebrows, then eating Tianluo and pork will have an unintended effect.

If Tianluo and muskmela are eaten together, they will cause abdominal pain, especially children’s attention. If they are not careful, they will affect their future growth, and they will be treated with mud water as soon as they are eaten by mistake.

Tianluo and kidney beans are likely to cause colon cancer. It has little effect once or twice. Do not use it together for a long time, or it will be fatal.

If you find that your family and friends have eaten these two foods together, please stop them in time.

Tianluo can not be eaten with ice, such as ice water, ice cubes, ice cream, popsicles, etc., especially for children, it is easy to eat together, it is easy to be poisoned when eaten together, and it can be eaten for purslane treatment.

Tianluo and noodles cannot be eaten together. Many adults do not know that eating together can cause abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms, which can be treated with chicken feces.